Comments From the Other Side - Lakers 1/30

 I loved seeing the Faker fans turn on their team as they realized that the Celtics were just the better team.   It is amazing that they would have the nerve to complain about a call after Crawful handed them the championship last year.  The bad calls went both ways in this one and the Fakers still managed 9 more FT's than the Celtics.  No way they could blame this on the refs.  I also loved that there were Celtics fans in Staples Center.   I know you'll enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side.  What's your favorite comment? 

This is no doubt a statement game, the squad owes us one for that crap they put out on Christmas. The building will be jumping and there won't be no " late" arriving crowd. That's why I love this game being on Sunday.

Celtic fans still are delusional to think they have a clear cut advantage.......they DON'T.

We only won the finals because Perkins was out according to all of Boston so I hope those words are echoing in all of our players heads, beat these leprechauns LETS GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

Dirty slime green bastards. I hope Bynum and Gasol get it DONE down low rather than punk out like against the Queens. This will also help us catch up to their record if a Finals rematch were to occur.

We're winning this easily. By 12.

Shaq always looks less washed up playing against us than he does against the rest of the league. So wouldn't surprise me at all if Bynum and Gasol look completely weak and soft and Kobe ends up jacking up 30 shots.

Boston better be on a two game losing streak by the end of this game, not us.

$10 we see Matt Barnes run off the bench to do a stone cold stunner on paulina pierce!

We can't beat the Kings..Boston will destroy us

How many minutes will it take Artest and Pierce to get double technicals? This is the best match up of the game. I love when Ron pushes Paulina around.

Lakers, one of the best (if not the best by now) in rebounding vs Celtics, one of the worst (if not the worst by now) rebounding team = Lakers win by +12.

I am concerned about Pau in day games. He is from Spain and they like to sleep in and stay up late at night.

This team doesn't believe in big regular season games. This one obviously will mean more to the Celtics... I just hope we don't approach this game the same way we approached the Miami game.

It looks like the nba is serving up an embarrassing loss to us: Joe Crawford Marat Kogut Tom Washington

Judging by recent officials doing Laker's games, I just knew they had already penciled in the fixers for this game.

I for some reason think the lakers will blow them out

If they call fouls like they should and dont allow those punks to do their dirty tricks on our bigs we will vanish them from the earth. If refs allow those low blows, kidney punches and etc then we got nothing to do.

Everybody is kinda looking over this.... Shaq is gonna be playing at the Staples Center wearing Celtic Green! I dont know about yall, but thats a cardinal SIN in my eyes! I hope he gets booed out the damn building!

I hope Ron pushes KG to the floor like he did last year in the season game at Boston,I really want it.

Artest, please eat Pierce alive. I hate him as much as you hated being sober.

Boston is the better team so far, hope we can beat them to make some kind of rare statement.

I can accept losing if it's not due to lopsided officiating, but you have to be honest with yourself when you see it happen. Joey's rep didn't come out of the blue, it was earned. Tom Washington too.

Damn. In the pre-game show they said there is some green in the arena and a good showing of Boston fans are at the game.

Almost tip off. Don't even think of leaving ray open, and please stop embarrassing us on national TV!

I dont see lakers wining this gosal is going to have anther no show game and I have a feeling Kobe going to have a bad shooting game like he always dose against this team and the lakers dont no how to beat the elite

Ray is gonna burn fish

The Celtics D show how ready they are for this game. Everyone on that starting 5 knows how to guard the triangle perfectly

Lol, with one pinky Shaq fended off Artest

I just flat-out cannot stand Pierce's wussy, flopping style of play.

Uh oh...old man Pierce grabbing his hip.... Get the wheelchair.

Refs helping the Lakers out

is staples center german for "church?" so damn quiet.

Staples is dead terrible crowd

Crappy, bandwagon L.A. crowds.

Stern is really ruining this game. I do not want to see Ray Allen and Kobe on the bench because of ticky tack fouls....crazy

Artest getting owned on defense and terrible on offense...I'm starting to hate his guts.

Garnett is DIRTY. He plays dirty. If there's a player that needs to be clothes lined, it's him.

Rondo's' shot is so ugly that his midrange jumper clanks like a 3-ball attempt

I hate Pau

kendrick perkins can wish you happy birthday, and look pissed

His lips would crack and he'd bleed out if he smiled.

This team really sucks

GASOL IS SOFTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! Uselessssly SOFT!

Elbow looks pretty hard

FINALLY GASOL USED HIS ELBOW. There you go big fella.

Thank god kg got cracked

Wow the Celtics even brought fake blood this time

That ain't blood on KG, he's just sweatin Gatorade

He doesn't bleed green, ha! Ring chaser!

These commentators are annoying. We get it. Ray Allen is an amazing shooter. EVERY Boston game they have to keep repeating how amazing he is. I really don't give a [expletive].

Rondo never shows up against us were lucky

How the hell do you let that fat slob get his own board.

Seriously, they can't even stay in front of 76 year old Pierce? Don't waste a great quarter by Kobe, close it out the right way.

Perkins and Duncan are 2 of the best post defenders in the game and Bynum has no issue playing against both..

They should’ve cut KG’s gigantic head bandage into a shamrock.

They shoulda just cut his head off and saved a bandage

Man I wish someone could punch Garnett in that ugly mug of his without a suspension

Damn...this Kobe is scary if we get this Kobe in the finals against Boston, they have no chance

We're now witnessing the Lakers in an aggressive mode.

Yeah like the Celts are the only ones who make us be in that mode

Big Baby looking like Prime Barkley out there. Put a body on him

Glad that the so called "stopper" Tony Allen and James Posey were gone from Celtics

4-point lead, let's keep it going

The absence of Tony Allen's defense off the bench on Kobe is UNDERRATED!

Kobe Destroying the Celtics

Get Ron out, he's not right.

That wasn't much of a foul by Shaq

Have to say refs giving us some calls today

Pierce playing like this is 2002

Well that lead did not last long did it..should have known these old geezers couldn't stand the pressure

What the heck is wrong with this team blowing leads

Luke and Ron suck...who is supposed to stop Pierce?

Pierce could go into wheelchair basketball after he retires and abuse handicapped ppl

Our BIGS are awful. They're not elite. They're not allstars. They're borderline JOURNEYMEN! I swear, I hear any hype our bigs again consider their credibility GONE!

Amazing! Fisher rarely gets that call!! Congrats Fish!

That wasn't a foul. Refs gave us two points.

Thank God we have Van Gundy and the ESPN/ABC crew to point out multiple times (even replaying it to the commercial break) that Fish may have flopped on that play

Perkins with illegal screens, the Boston offense is based on illegal screens... So I don't mind if they actually call them.

All the fake thuggery of the Celtics works for them.

For those that aren't worried, just keep in mind games 6 & 7 will be in Boston this year..

How does Pierce do it. He looks out of shape and past his prime, and looks like he's never been to a gym, yet he fills it up with Mamba like it's nothing. What's his secret?

I will never understand how Glen Davis is ALWAYS able to shred Odom and Gasol at the same time. Never fails.

We lost Game 5 in Boston because Gasol & Odom couldn't defend Big Baby in the post..

Wonder what it's like to have a PF that plays aggressive on both ends of the floor

Haha Gasoft getting dominated by a baby

All this talent and we're still a one trick pony. Kobe or bust.

Lakers don't do too well playing from ahead, we are going to kill them this quarter.

Lakers are putting up a decent fight, but they’re trailing. This is a must critical win, despite it being January

Celts may be better than us this yr if they really have solved the rebounding issue

I hate how good Glen Davis is against us. It doesn't make any sense.

At least that fat sh*t will be overpaid by next year and in some other team

I gotta respect the fact that Boston has at least 4 starters with Kobe's mentality. Now they don't have Kobe's skill level, but they all got that killer mode that Kobe has and nobody else on the Lakers have.

If Barnes were healthy this would be a different ball game.

Its unbelievable how LO has no answer for Big Baby.

I hear more cheering than usual are their celtic fans in Staples

C's shots are looking easy. Ours are looking hard. Not good.

Man, I'm so mad at this ****!!!!!! Bryant is deviating from the gameplan. He should be feeding lazynum and Gasoft!!!!!!

I'm shocked that the C's are actually getting called for some of these moving screens. They've been doing it for years and never get called.

Pierce has this defensive ability to hold Kobe without actually holding him with his hands. It is a foul, but it almost doesn't look like it.

The refs are handing the Celtics this game.

If we had refs on our side we would be up by at least 20+ points. And Kobe got fouled by pierce on that other play

Boston's frontcourt > la's frontcourt

Thank you Lakers. For embarrassing the city of Los Angeles on national TV yet again. Your stupid "turn it on when the playoffs start" better work.

I'm sick and tired of Gasol..memphis can have him back

Exactly. Phil is blowing this game with some of his poor coaching decisions.

Sick of Gasol. Sick of Artest. Sick of Paul Peirce.

I think Phil is getting tired of Artest....wouldn't be surprise if he's gone before the trade deadline..

Garnett is OWNING gasol!!!

Fed up with gasol and bynum. When old *** KG is outrunning you down court that bad.

Put artest in the game and let him fight at least, would be a good entertainment

It is officially time to panic. Unless you think Matt Barnes is going to come back and fix everything, we have some serious work to do...

Bynum is truly stupid, he has an excuse. Pau, there is no excuse, he looks like he barely cares out there.

Celitics get away with more fouls than any other team I've ever watched. They ride up under you when you are shooting to take out your legs, set moving screens, and get away with more hand checks than anybody else does in a year, let alone a game

Props to the C's...they showed up and the Lakers did not.

KG's jumper is one of the greatest I have ever seen for a big man

Another Sunday ruined because the Lakers suck on national TV.

Kobe fouled but not in the act of shooting. He's always in the act of shooting!

The Lakers are done. They straight out suck.

I'm also excited that this season is pj's last season with us. Hate the triangle

Gasol and Artest KILLED us today. I am convinced nothing is physically wrong with Pau... he's just mentally weak.

Let's face it, this is not a "wait til the playoffs issue", this is a "we're not a top team" issue.

29 rebounds for KG, Shaq, Perkins, and Davis
18 rebounds for LO, Pau, and Drew
They got manhandled on the boards.

Gasol got schooled by Glen Davis tonight, who is 4 inches shorter than him. Thats inexcusable.

Pau, Ron and Fisher for Melo and Billups

50 year-old Garnett making our bigs look like children.

I like doc as a coach - he is a great motivator and runs amazing sets, especially when they need a basket. Phil is too laid back

These embarrassing losses help the Lakers in the long run, because now they'll seek revenge instead of going in all high and mighty.

As always, Celtics' d was annoyingly good and our bigs got shut down

I give this game to big baby...he is impressive for his size

Hey Mitch KupCake why don't you wake up and relize this team is done. West was calling them out so you'd et a clue

That tub of lard can finish like no other real talk. 2 bodies 3 bodies he still gets that point blank finish.

Celtics are the better team

I hope Pau and Bynum grow a sack by the time we play them again at Boston. I also hope all of the Celtics drop dead. Seriously.

I'm out;. I seriously need a drink.

No more of this “wait til the playoffs BS”. We havent proved SHIT this year and we just got humiliated by a Celtics team on our homecourt where we actually tried to win the game. Celts are better this year because KG>Pau, when he’s healthy and because Shaq neutralized enough of Bynum to make him not as effective.

Also because we allow shorter, worse players (Kendricks/baby) to outwork our bigs.

they actually play like bigs thats why

I am legitimately worried about us now

I hate watching us suck

Our defense is simply not as good as theirs as is our rebounding. This is why I think they are better

cant believe the fattest (Davis) and shortest (Nate) destroyed us

I'd rather the Lakers lose to SAS then to Boston in the Finals

Somebody on here said we'd stomp the Celtics a few days ago...
Well, don’t us Laker fans look like fools right now…