Comments From the Other Side - Kings 1/12

I have to say, in spite of their record, the Kings have some great fans.  You can always depend on a few things coming up in every game thread... The Celtics being old geezers,  Tommy being biased and Rondo being hated or loved.   I love the sarcasm from some of these fans.  Good stuff today!  Enjoy this edition of Comments from the Other Side....

Wow. 30 minutes to tip off and still no game thread. Tyreke is out. Pooh starting for him. Luckily, doesn't look like KG is suiting up for this one.

I want to see Pooh vs Nate! Midget ball!!

This could be lakers/cavs ugly.

Nothing is that ugly!!

This is gonna be an all out slaughter. Hope we can break 60 points.

We will. We're not Cleveland.

Go Kings! Let's not lose by 55 points.

Alright Kings, let's put these geezers to bed early.

I'm curious what the attendance will look like

It will look like a lot of people, if history has taught us anything.

JT's getting after it. Gotta come back hard after getting blocked by a 70 year old.

Only way you can make Shaq's presence a liability is to go at him.

Shaq dwarfs DMC, amazing

Not sure I would have called that foul on Cuz.

But he was beating up on the old man! Says the Celtics color commentator

The Celts aren't shooting the ball very well so far, maybe we got a shot!

Paul Pierce is having his way.

Maybe the Celtics will get tired from shooting the ball so much and wear out by the 4th…

Referees 0 /2 on jumpballs tonight Get outta the way ref!

Lucky break, Bavetta would have crumbled into dust.

Big Baby picking your pocket in the open court  should be an automatic DNP-Coaches Decision for the rest of the game.

I love how uncoordinated JT always looks. It’s……..funny if I wasn’t a Kings fan.

He moves like a 6' 12 year old.  It’s like he never knows how big his feet are.

Did DeMarcus just block a pass with his face?

The Celts big men are racking up the fouls, nice.

Is the other O'neal available for the Celts?
Or is he sore with a boo boo again?

I noticed our bigs are killing their bigs (statistically anyways).

Glad to see the Kings are getting Boston into foul trouble.
Too bad the Celtics are super deep

Pierce travelled. Did you know he played on the Olympic team and has an NBA title?

I saw the Celts had 20 sec timeout. Why did I know that they were going to draw a play for Ray Allen to shoot a 3?

I wonder if they can give the Kings a handicap score instead of a real one.
You know, for like every 5 pts Boston scores, Sacramento only has to score 2 to tie. Or something.

Good thing I'm drinking whiskey tonight

The Celtics are lucky to have a lead. We're just way too explosive.

Funny stat of the day
Rajon Rondo’s FT % for the season is 44%. His career FT% is 62%. My point? If he wasn’t in Boston he would have never been considered an All-star.

At worst he's the best defensive PG in the league and one of the best passers/drivers
So that makes him elite in my opinion regardless

In my opinion....
….you’re an elite player when you’re an elite talent regardless of whomever you play with. In my view, Rondo will never be elite without Paul Pierce in the lineup. My opinion? Of course, but we’ll have a chance to see once Pierce retires (which may be awhile naturally).

I didn't realize Pierce could so inspire somebody to lead the NBA in assists.

What is it about Rondo you don't like?

He beat Casspi at horse last year.

I hate the fact he plays for someone else.

Well I just hate that he can't shoot among other things.
Otherwise, I like his game. Like, he can’t shoot AT ALL. Unless you have Paul Pierce Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, how many games will you be able to win with a player like that on your roster?

Rondo is a GREAT GREAT GREAT passer
No boxscore necessary. Just seeing him play he has the IT.

Pierce is just laughing at the Kings defense.

How can you laugh at something that isn't there?

Erden? This is embarrassing. I'm not watching the 4th.

Welp, this game has officially tuned into fugly status.
I’m going to a bar

This defense is terrible. TURRIBLE. Oh, and who is Semih Erden?

11 out of 12 players have played tonight. Before things got totally out of hand. This needs to stop. We need a real coach.

Well, on the positive side, at least we managed to score more than 57 points!

Right where we want them
Now the old guys are tired. Time to make the push


So at this point, we need to reel off 24 consecutive points.

Wow Nate Robinson actually missed.
For a minute there I thought he was going to try a 360 reverse double jinx backflip shot and see if he could make it.

The Celtics do such a great job of getting open looks
It’s crazy how easy they make it look.

I’ve seen them do it against good teams too. Th double screens they use and the movement in small spaces to set jumpers is remarkable. If this is all Doc, I underestimated him

It’s one of the reasons why Lawrence Frank may be my number one candidate to take over the team this summer

I'm slowly developing a couple obssessions
Lawrence Frank, Nene, and Danny Granger are a big part of it. Not healthy

Anybody think a 0-6 road trip gets good ol PW the axe??

I dont think he'd get canned even if we fail to win another game

I blame the snow.
It didn’t snow enough to postpone this game.

I blame the fans, who showed up inspite of the snow. Damn them!

I blame the clock operators
It would have been a lot closer with 20 minute running halves.