Comments From the Other Side - Bulls 1/8

I usually like to watch games again the next day, but this is one I'd rather never see again.  No teamwork for the Celtics.  Big Baby leading the team in FGA.  No rebounding.  And Derrick Rose shooting 19 free throws (to 22 for the whole Celtics team).  The Bulls fans sure did love those refs!  And I think their hatred for Keith Bogans was way more than their hatred for any Celtic which is pretty bizarre.  Here's today's Comments from the Other Side.....

I hate the Celtics. If we still play like we did the last 10 games, we're gonna get blown out.

Keys to the game, don't leave Allen and Pierce open, if you lose due to Rondo and co making outside shots then tip your hat to them, but we cant afford to let those 2 go off

The only advantage to Boston is that this is our 4th game in 5 nights.

This will be Boston's 5th game in 7 nights.

Jesus they gunna have oxygen masks on the bench?

30/13/7 from rose in a win I guarantee a win

We have been playing awful for the past 2 weeks. I expect Boston to fully dismantle us and embarrass us again on national TV.

I hear its bulls snuggie nite... Seriously

Ray Allen is going to abuse Bogans. Book it.

Hoping for a bulls win to erase memories of last two games and for rose to eat rondo's soul

This is less likely to happen than Rondo dropping about 15 dimes and picking Drose's pocket at crucial points of the game.... But I hope you are right

Not looking forward to this game the way we've been playing.. A healthy bulls team WITHOUT Bogans is the only team that can give Boston a run for their money in the east.

I almost always predict a Bulls win but this game is going to be humiliating. Celtics 108, Bulls 82.

After 2 losses I see this fan board has taken a turn to negative town. Bulls win

The Celtics are a dirty team. This should be a very physical game. Shaq took a cheap against Rose in the last game. It will be interesting to see how this game is officiated with all the contact.

Why is Bogans the only one with no nose?

He doesn't deserve one, and so he can't smell how much he stinks.

Thomas vs Shaq Two old men going to be slapping each other all game.

Bogans doesn't take long to get his usual worthless foul to start the game

I thought I told Keith Bogans to die

Shaq is getting fatter by the minute

Celts with the ugly jerseys tonight.

Shaq and Big Baby is like the fattest frontcourt in NBA history

The depth of Boston's front line (when healthy) is really incredible when you stop and consider it.

No one guarding Ray Allen. Good plan.

No one guarding Bogans. Good plan.
No... I'm serious.

Imagine this offense with Ray Allen instead of Keith Bogans.

The honeymoon period where Luol became the 3rd option has worn out for me, It's time to get rid of him.

Shaq and Big Baby are fat, we have to beat them down the floor.

How does a old Ray Allen blow by Luol?

Jermaine O'neal. They just get older and older.

Ray, please keep picking up cheap fouls. Thanks!

The refs are being kind today

Were getting all the calls. Nice.

We are actually getting the benefit of the doubt from the refs...what's going on?

Kurt right at home out there against all Boston's old guys. It's like we're back in 2000.

Without KG we can compete with this team

Rondo not even confident in his he pads his assist totals

It's amazing how this run happened when Bogans went to the bench. Not obvious who sucks the most at all.

Rondo can't stop chance.

Why isn't Boozer in to abuse Harangody?

Oh korver. Your're no ray Allen

Everytime Deng dribbles A baby dies

We gettin the calls

Hahaha Rondo can’t shoot, and he’s supposed to be an MVP candidate a all-star starter?

We're getting all the whistlese I love it.
This is what it must feel like to be a Celtics/lakers fan

That's all you need to know about Rondo
He plays for assists, Rose plays to win.

Assist whore. Rondo is single-handidly devaluing the assist.

Rondo was so open, he could've purposely miss a layup and add to his rebounding total and still pass it to Allen for the assist.

Boston had to draft Harangody per league stipulations on white guys/Celtics roster numbers.

Scary thing is...
The Celtics really don’t look like they care… yet.

Rondo doesn't look so hot when his teammates aren't making shots.

I wouldnt have been against deng hammering pierce that last play

Harangody: A sickening amount of white.

I youtube'd ''Jermaine O'Neal Dunk" and all I got were dunks ON Jermaine O'Neal

As usual: Boston bench crappy. Boston starters great

No one on the Celtics can guard boozer. They really miss kg right now.

How many assists would Rondo get in the all-star game? 25? 0-2 fga, 4 stls, and 25 assists.

The officiating has been good so far. The Bulls are getting all the right calls.

Alright, I'm listening on espn 1000. Wennington insists on calling Omer the Turkish Delight. WTF is a Turkish delight? Gotta be honest bulls fans, I'm scared to Google it.

I have to say, rose getting calls

Rondo owns that offense. Did you guys see the last 2 plays they ran? Out of the same sets...almost the same play...but instead of Allen curling over the top on the weakside, he fakes weakside and curls back strong side...

That thing was beautiful...and it was all Rondo. Kid's a genius. Those are the types of wrinkles Thibs is eventually going to have to add to this offense.

First time this year...but: I love these refs!

That Big Baby fast break was like watching a huge bowling ball slowly rolling down a lane

When Noah gets back we could really run this Boston team into the ground. Shaq, Jermaine, Big Baby, these guys may be great vs Howard or the Lakers, but they can't keep up with our young legs.

What bothers me is Boston is playing like sheet and only down by a couple

Geeez...Shaq is frickin gigantic

Derrick's gonna foul the whole team out.

OMG DRose has taken more FT's than the whole Celtics team!

Note these officals, they like them some Rose

D-Rose is getting the D-Wade whistle tonight.

Gibson definitely got away with a moving screen there.

Rondo is easily one of the most overrated players in the league.

I totally love how Derrick Rose is getting to the free-throw line

This is like a weeks worth of FT shooting for Rose in this game alone.

Big baby sucks.

This is simply amazing to see Derrick get to the line so much

Rose getting calls this feels so weird.

Rose is getting calls?
Thibs must have a ref held hostage somewhere. Any ideas where?

Book these refs for the playoffs please

Who hired these refs? Lets give them promotion after the game
Wow have never seen Rose draw so many fouls and get so many FTs.

Ron Garretson, Tommy Nunez, Sean Wright
Best refs of all time.

Best refs EVAR!!!

Did Carlos boozer land a elbow on Glenn Davis face? I certainly think so.

Thats not the first time, boozer smacked him with a backhand earlier too, hes been abusing him all game

Boozer didn't elbow Baby's mouth, Baby tried to eat Boozer's elbow. I watched it in slow-MO.

Aaaawwww look at pour big baby bleed! That a boy booz!!!

Boozer hit Baby pretty hard
Mouth is bleeding

Refs making up for the elbow with a bogus travel...

Why would Rondo want 3 FTAs? He'll probably only make 1.

Why would Rondo even try to get to the free throw line? He is terrible from there

Rondo blocked by the rim like a scrub

Rondo is an excellent passer
He just can’t do much else

Seriously going to go kill these refs. TERRIBLE AS ALWAYS! Why do we never get a damn call!!!

So the "defensive minded" Rondo is giving up 31 to Rose
So does that mean Rose is that good? Or Rondo is overrated?

Rose isn't going to get a call for about 3 weeks after this game.

That was a terrible call.
Its obvious the officials are trying to give this game to Boston.

Refs giving a makeup call for all the rose fts

Rose has more FTA than the entire Celtic team.

If any of the Celtics had showed up wed be down 15

Glen Davis shoots every time he touches the ball.

Big Baby turns to that flopping when he knows he can't defend Boozer straight up.

All he does is flop and take charges (which are flops).

Finally get some revenge on Boston albeit without Garnett. Still a good win.

We're without Noah. They have no excuses.

This is a sound win. We could be 1st in the East if things were different.

I think we beat them convincingly with Noah and Boozer

And D Rose with 19 FTA's. Career high.

We can beat the Celtics in a 7 game series. I truly believe that.

Maybe you have to be an all-star starter to get foul calls. Refs probably got the call this morning that rose has surpassed rondo on the all star list.

Without Garnett defending the rim, the Celtics aren’t very scary.

Without Garnett or Perkins.

Rondo is 2 dimensional. Gets assists and layups. Can’t shoot to save his live and Shaq is a better FT shooter than him.