Things that I think are great.

After being lucky enough to catch almost all of the regular season games this season, I have noticed a few things about our team this season.

"How is that not a first down?!?"
          1.  Glen Davis being five yards ahead of everybody.  Seriously that's some effort and dedication.  He just lines up and lets huge flying dudes land on him.  And he does it only to regain possession of a ball.  It's at the point where even the officials are saying "Oh Davis went down, that must be a charge."  And the best thing is the calls are actually correct.  He's improving steadily, not just at taking charges either.  At pretty much everything.

"HA! Not even your dragonpalm can stop me
from dunking all over your ugly Mcgee face." 

2.   Semih Erdan is a tall dude.  He plays like a tall dude.  I kinda think he's like a poor man's Pau.  Tall white guy with really long arms and goofy hair.  They both keep the ball high in the post, and what I really like is Semih understands it's a very short distance from his out-stretched hand to the rim.  He's not about cute layups off the glass.  He will just dunk it, just like Javale "that italian place in day square" Mcgee found out.  That leads to a lot of 3-point-plays and avoids those annoying lay-ups that don't fall.  This, in conclusion, is good.

"I'm rich, you're pathetic."

 3.   Not that this is a good thing, but did you guys see that Jordan's furniture ad during the 76'ers game where that silver pony tail that's growing a furniture salesman basically told us that that all of our mattresses have been invaded by an army of millions of bed bugs?  "Yea New England, millions, but don't worry.  We will make them go away, just buuuuyyyy oouuurrr maatressessss."  I hate commercials, but that's just an incredibly effective ad.  Poor consumers, we don't stand a chance.  I don't know about other markets, but halftime is analysis: 3 minutes, commercials: 20 minutes. 

4.  That graphic that comes up on the CSNNE broadcast that shows what our starting five most is, most of the time.  Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Shaquille ONeal, Ray Allen.   Compare that to Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris something, another fool and some chump.  Or Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamartest, Rondom, and a fish.  When you start 5 great basketball players, you're doing something right. Then when your bench could start that helps too.  I can't find the graphic, sorry.

"No I haven't seen Avatar, stfu Hedo, I know."
5.   Marquis Daniels is nasty.  It's true.  I said it last year, then he got hurt and sucked.  JR knows.  But I love watching him play, and wish they would use him more.  A friend of mine says when Pierce goes to the basket, he doesn't beat people because he's fast, be beats people because he slows everybody else down.  Marquis has this same talent.  He can't just outsprint people and doesn't try.   He makes tricky moves, forces defenders to slow to his pace; he makes up his mind early in a drive allowing him to concentrate on execution.  And I haven't even mentioned his Tony Allen-esque perimeter defense.  Stay healthy, man, that'd be great.

There are a lot of other things I could mention too, all of them being more relevant that that tangent about Jordans Furniture, but my laptop battery is dying.  Things like Shaq de Leon (history joke. nbd.), Rondo's assistance, KG still being PE#1 for good reason (as FLCeltsFan's "Comment's from the other side" posts show) and so on. With all this said, let's remember (as i sit here watching the Celtics down by 8 at the end of the 3'rd against the 76er's) the last few seasons and how they started.  We started, if you may recall, with the b's to the w.  Then our b's got really tired and played 500 basketball for a long time.  My point is that we've seen these great starts in the past, don't expect it to last forever, but enjoy the great play while it lasts.