Comments From the Other Side - Sixers 12/9

Some interesting comments today.   I'm always amazed to read comments from fans who wish a career ending injury on players.  I mean, I hate Kobe and LeBron as much as the next person, but I would never think of wishing a career ending injury on them.  I do wish shooting slumps and losing streaks on them, but not serious injury.  Just amazes me that some fans think like that.  There wasn't much hope that the Sixers would win this one in the beginning.  They gained some hope at the end when their team hung in there only to lose a heartbreaker in the end.   No wonder some of the Sixers fans seem rather depressed.   Enjoy this edition of Comments from the Other Side...

How ironic that the Leprechauns from Beantown will be the ones to end our little fool's good hot streak. (4 out of 5) Of course we might get lucky and catch them napping on the second night of a back to back, but I wouldn't count on it.

We might steal this.. Rondo is not 100%, so he might be rested on 2nd of back to back.. But beware of Allen, he is hot lately.

Man If there is one team I hate , it is Boston. I would Love to get a W tonight.

Old team on the second night of a back to back on the road after a win, against a young fresh team that's playing better than their record. I'm going with my usual score of 104-97 Sixers.

This team is so depressing. When are we going to be good? Or At least respected?

Hope Garnett has a clunker (they seem to come more often now), that PP gets in some foul trouble, and that Meeks can hold Ray Allen to just 8-10 more than he himself scores.

We just need some attitude. When teams have a bit of attitude and swagger against the Celtics, they usually win or at least come close.

It sounds like Semih Erden will probably start.

No worries we"ll make him look like an allstar What is more embarrassing than getting killed by an old rival? Getting killed by their scrubs.

This is the biggest game of the Sixers' season. They're rolling right now at home, and the Celts are riding that seven game winning streak with and without Rondo. Plus, this is the ONLY nationally televised game of the Sixer's the season (on TNT).

I'm praying cause nothing would make me happier than to beat Boston. We have been playing better but Boston is better than us at every position and plays better basketball. **** Boston though, worst city/people in the America.

**** Boston! They are definitely the best in the East. And they are in our division...bastards!

As much as I can not stand Bostonian's, they do have some of the best sports fans on the planet

Are you sure Jrue is emotionally ready to handle Nate ;)

I don't know about anyone else, but I really have grown to hate KJ and his act since he joined the Celtics. I enjoyed his game more when he was an intense player on a loser in Minny Ray Ray I respect as much even now he's on the C's.

I really wanted the Sixers to draft Big Baby.

Should’ve taken Rondo in ’06. We needed a point guard.

I actually used to like Kevin Garnett, back in his T’wolves heyday. Anybody else have their eyes opened to how much of an a-hole he really is, in his final days in Minnesota and his time in Boston? Aside from his “Anything is Possible” bellow when they won, I just can’t stand him.

He does occasionally act like a douche…but he can still play. Have to respect his ability, even if some of the world’s stupidest stuff comes out of his mouth.

I don’t hate the guy. I respect him as a player. I just can’t stand him sometimes.

I love Garnett. Speaks his mind, plays hard every night, backs up his smack talk, entertaining as hell.
Do we have an over/under…on how many times Charles Barkley insults the Sixers in some way or another? And is there any drinking attached to this?

I hope GarNOT blows out his knee and can never play basketball again.

I won't go that far but I do hate that guy.

This sucks, we are not getting any calls inside.

Hey, Garnett might be expected to beat us, sure. But it might help if we at least have someone guard the guy every so often.

Our good guys gotta play more minutes than usual. But gotta sneak some 'energy guys' in there while the Celts old guys sit.

Davis has 7 fouls; 2 officially.

If only Davis would have gotten his hands up instead of flopping around…

Defense? We don’t need no stinking Defense.

Our 3 point defense tonight has been terrible and Garnett has about 7 fouls this half. - that's all.

Rondo knows where his shooters are AT ALL TIMES

Why are people cheering for the Celtics? Is this a home game or what?

Fun game so far. Pierce hasn't gotten his normal bull calls....yet.

This Celtics team to put it lightly sucks. No shot at winning a championship.


You have to be **** kidding me. The only guy you cannot let shoot the 3 and he is standing there wide open for 5 minutes. **** stupid


Ray Allen usually chokes major in big games. Leave him open all day, I guarantee he doesn't hit another one. Poor offensive execution. I hate Ray Allen, I hope he blows out a knee.

Is that sarcasm? He has hit plenty of big shots.

Has not. He's also never hit a buzzer beater once in his entire career. That's a fact.

He loathes the Celtics. No exceptions

Sixers fans really hate the Celtics, and can you blame them? This is the most repulsive team in NBA history. Maybe in the history of sports. Nothing to like about them at all. In fact, I hate anyone who respects that team.

I can't believe the shots Davis is making tonight.. Ridiculous.. He is either the luckiest shooting big man in NBA or next Karl Malone

WOW they suck...thank god for the lottery. Maybe we'll get another bust!

This Celtics team is so overrated. They are awful and have no shot at winning a title.

Well... They were missing half their rotation, starting their fifth string center, playing tonight with two injured point guards, and Pierce had the flu, and because of all the injuries he played power forward for a length of time...but ignore all that, and yeah, they didn't play so good.

So many players on that team so unlikeable. I wish career ending injuries on at least half of that roster. Shaq strangely not one of them.

The Celtics have no real injuries. Except Perkins who might be the worst center in the game. I still laugh about that douche getting injured to this day. Hope he never gets to play basketball ever again.

But of course Pierce will pretend like his "ailment" is worse than it actually is. He does it all the time. He's the king of faking injuries. I never thought someone would top Kobe, but Pierce should pursue an acting career after basketball. That guy puts on Oscar performances. I wonder how many games this season he'll limp into the locker room clutching his knee and come out 5 minutes later like he just spent 25 years in a hyperbaric chamber.

I hate the Celtics more than I hate Osama Bin Laden.

If Iggy donated money for every 3’s he misses AIDs would be cured by now.

Why is it everytime I watch a game, I get heartbroken

Because you choose to watch 76ers games?