Magic Get Arenas, Turkoglu and Richardson

In two big trades, the Magic, who've fallen behind both the Celtics and Heat in the standings, shipped guards Vince Carter and Mickael Pietrus, backup center Marcin Gortat, a 2011 first-round pick and $3 million to the Phoenix Suns for Turkoglu, Richardson and Earl Clark, sources said.  In a second trade the Magic dealt Rashard Lewis for Gilbert Arenas.

I think this signficantly improves the Magic perimeter game.  Arenas was the best player in the deal, Richardson has always been a Celtic killer and Turkoglu played well when he was in Orlando.  It will make them weaker up front.  Bass and Ryan Anderson are their power forwards so I feel KG has a big advantage there still.  But Orlando will have a lot more firepower to help Dwight Howard.

So what's your take on the trade?