Comments From the Other Side - Pistons 12/29

This was a tough game to watch as a Celtics fan because they weren't playing well even before KG went down.  Then I had to worry about KG and what was wrong and reading the Pistons fans comments about karma and gloating about KG being hurt.   Not much fun at all.  But it seemed as though the Pistons fans were more surprised to win than Celtics fans were to lose.  Can't say enjoy cause they aren't exactly enjoyable, so here are today's comments.....

Game starts at 7:30. Look on the bright side. The trade deadline is getting closer. Hopefully we have some new players soon?

KG and CV meet again! I expect a few techs this game.

I forgot about that. I bet the crowd lets him hear it. I can't stand KG.

Don't like being negative but I don't see how we can beat the Celtics, unless they don't show up at all.

Can any of you youngsters tell me how to sign up for Twitter? I'd like to know if KG is mean to CCG again.

Would love to see a weak side facial by Ben on KG---don't care about the foul.

This is going to be ugly! Heaven help us ......... Maybe we can steal one.......

Since it’s going to be competitive, I say Cs by 15. After the game, CV31 tweets about how he almost did something physical to KG, but thought he’d save his energy for hitting the glass.

I really want to root for Charlie V. Over KG but damn is he making that ever hard to do. Two falls and that horrific turnover. Terrible.

CV should come out Refs looking for something, Anything.

KG got in CV's head----only took 3 minutes.

This is ridiculous. KG had gotten 3 fouls and a T called against our PFs already. What gives?

That ref is a cancer to our league

The Celts brought their own refs

KG Too old to jump?

Awwww KG seems to be crying Poor baby

Hahahahahhahahahahahahah F*** you KG

I never wish injury on any player that I dislike....but, as a fan I am digging KG hobbling around right now.

J.O looks like a fat turtle

Hating the Celtics is in my DNA.

KG gone! Pistons shld win they are playing great right now

Von Wafer is still in the league??

Garnett goes out with a strange looking injury. The thing with older teams like the Celtics is you really never should judge them in the first half or even the first 3/4 of the season. Injuries are such a huge "if" on teams that are old, that you really have to hold your breath if you're the Celtics because their being relatively injury free is likely strongly against the odds.

Karma is a ***** about time KG found tht out

We seem to play better when someone is injured
It almost doesn’t matter who is out, but we need fewer good players on our roster. It allows everyone else to play more meaningful minutes.

What is this madness? The Pistons on top of the Celtics by 11 with 3 minutes to go in the half?!

Daye owns Paul Pierce. He always lights him up everytime we play Boston.

These turnovers are gonna come back for bad karma

Daye getting PT. Tay telling Q to keep Daye in. Rip passing the ball to get others open shots. Leading the Celtics by double digits. VILLANUEVA BLOCKING A SHOT!!!! What kind of black hole did I stumble into? I swear I'm seeing a good unselfish team out there but that can't be possible. I suppose I wouldn't even know it would look like if I saw one. But this one is close.

Have I ever mentioned Just how much I hate Paul Pierce?

I now know why we don't throw lobs that often... Our players suck at it

Shaq is taking some classes with Monroe on how to miss easy layups

Just looked at the box score. My "key to the game" fell flat and we're winning! I guess having Rondo, KG, and Perkins out could be part of it.

Looks like we might win another game with Stuckey out. I think we're like 6-1 when doesn't play over the last 3 years, and like 40 games under 500 when he does.

Win? This game is nowhere remotely close to a win yet.

F*** you Kevin Garnett Enjoy the gurney ride, you lying sack of shit

Perhaps he can get a room with a cancer patient.
So he can yell at him.

Or maybe KG can get cancer himself
If I’m not being too redundantly mean.

You know what? Pistons are playing pretty good tonight. Whoda Thunk!?

Wow this is pretty impressive. When do we start losing?

The Celtics minus Garnett and Rondo aren't very good. They’re like the 2006-2007 Celtics.

They don't need Garnett in the regular season However Rondo was a huge loss

I was going to attend this game til I saw no rondo.

Think of how many players in this game tonight Were great 6-10 years ago.
T-mac, Garnet, Allen, Shaq, Ben Wallace, Rip, Tay, Pierce, would be an obscene amount of talent in 2003.

Without Rondo running the offense, it's all one-on-one.
Makes us look like a good team defensively cause none of them are great at breaking down a defender.

We're a good defensive team
As long as the other team is really bad on offense.

Up 12 going into the 4th... How sad is it that I still expect to lose

Girls from the eastside have better extensions than marquis daniels.

I always find it funny a guy like Paul Pierce has the nickname "The Truth." It’s like if Ron Artest’s nickname was “The Sane.”

What a BS call. If foul was committed by anyone other than a Celtic (or Laker) would have been a flagrant I swear. There absolutely no attempt to play on the ball. Glad Tay is okay though.

McGrady is starting to become scary good again. Let the bidding begin. The Championship goes through Detroit this season: whichever contending team gets him (a really good young big man or a #1 is our price) has a leg up on a title.

Again tmac wooooooo we gonaa win Celtics suck lol.

I love how Boston need to be without 3 starters for us to beat them... That's actually not very funny....

I will still say though that we wouldn't get this win if Rondo was playing.

They are missing Rondo, Perkins and then KG, it's hardly a big win, but I'll take it. I hate Boston..

Charlie Villanueva: 14 points, 5 boards, 2 assists and a block. Kevin Garnett: 2 points, 1 rebound WHO’S THE CANCER PATIENT NOW?

Wait, don’t we disapprove of using “cancer patient” as a derogatory term?

Ahahahaha KG tested negative for a fracture earlier but positive for Lymphoma.

Ray Allen led the Celts in blocks and rebounds. Wtf?