Comments From the Other Side - Pacers 12/28

Pacer fans were more upset with the number of Celtics fans in the crowd than they were with their team's loss.   Most of them were happy that the Pacers stuck with the Celtics for most of the game and were pleased that they didn't get blown out.  There were some complaints about the refs and the Celtics fans in the crowd as always.  I thought for the most part Pacer fans were a classy bunch. Enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side! 

If they come out the way they did against Memphis or when L.A. Came to town, its gonna be a long, difficult, painful game to watch. Lord help the Pacers

Didn't the Celtics just lose? Wonderful..

If we come out and play like slop and lose I'm going to punch out a bandwagoner

This team needs to come out strong. We're capable of winning this game if we come out and play hard all 48 minutes. This would be a big/needed win.

Not exactly the team you want to face after looking like dog crap against Memphis 2 days earlier. Or is it? This Pacers team continues to show they can beat the good teams, then lose to a bad one. We seem to play Boston pretty well. We can't afford to fall too far below .500. Let's do it!

Can't believe Brandon let that Celtic center bull thru him.

The refs didnt call a foul so y is it their ball... Makes no sense

Roy Hibbert officially sucks.

Frick all the Boston fans in the crowd.

Time to get the ball to Danny....quis cant guard him

Quis is actually a very good defender. I feel good for him finally being healthy for once.

Shaq taking control of the low post early…

Two early fouls on Pierce
Be nice to take advantage of that.

JO is having his best game so far at Conseco in years…..he isn’t injured…yet

Big Baby You are being paid millions…can’t you get into the best shape possible for simply that reason??….could hurt him in the long run

Reggie is going to be second on the list soon for 3 pt FGs made

Roy does not look lethargic tonight (knocks on wood) And why is Glenn Davis trying to take a charge? Anyone going to believe that?

No way posey can guard garnet .... What is Jim thinking?

Posey's ability to hit the 3 does not negate the exposure we give up by having him guard Garnett.

I actually believe Ray Allen can be a jerk.
(even though I like the way Ray Allen shoots)

There's an unbelievable amount of Celtics "fans" at this game.

This game is in Conseco Fieldhouse and not TD Banknorth Garden right?? Too much green in the stands

I've seen a worse this season. Atlanta, Memphis. The crowd in Memphis was a lot louder whenever the Celtics were scoring.

JO looks so terrible

How can you get a turnover from an inbounds pass and the other team isn’t even around?

Quinn buckner likes how quick Avery Bradley is…

Avery Bradley's an excellent defender. I think he'd be an ideal guard to have off the bench.

Lotta Celtics fans in house tonight to cheer on Shaq

\pushes those fans down the stairs

I didn't know that a player can roll with the ball in their hand and not get called for, just wow

Dear Danny,
Paul Pierce is a pretty good shooter.
Common Sense

The Celtics with KG on the floor defend the paint better than anyone in the league. The way of beating them is by hitting jumpers, force them to defend outside. Attacking the rim is a noble intent, but it's easier to be said than done. The lane is just too crowded.

I guess stepping on someones foot is now a foul on the guys who foot was there well before the other guy even moved his foot.

Are Violet Palmer and Dick Bevetta officiating tonight's game?

Kevin Garnett and Roy Hibbert in a battle for worst FG% tonight.

Man am I glad we don’t have to listen to Heinsohn

I'm starting to remember why I don't like watching NBA games, I should go back to radio at least then I don't know any better if it was the right call or not.

TJ needs help

Hear Ron knows a good shrink

These refs suck there calling nothing on Boston

Saw that push by Garnett on the replay, without it Solo easily gets that rebound.

JOB is braindead. Almost half of the line-up is in the Celtics favor. Idiot.

Crazy how C's second unit gives Pacers fits

Of all the Celtics I was concerned with coming into this game
Marquis Daniels was pretty far down the list

Wow quis is killin us

No answer for the 6-8 point guard

Wow, I wish we had a big point guard.

I hate Boston fans.
Like, throw them in the canal hate.

Big Baby just destroys us

Where's Shaq when you need him He made so manty FTs in the first half, he’d surely be good for a few misses down the stretch here.

I wish I didnt drink all my beer last night

Our coach's offense insists on shooting three's even if they are terrible, contested shots. Also, why isn't Tyler in this game? I guess he's hurt, or he hasn't been making enough three's in practice

Is DC trying to guard Ray? Seriously? That's not going to end well.

I still cant believe this.... The clippers dont even lose leads


These refs are terrible.

What a nice three taken by Mike! It was off the mark, but the shot was only somewhat contested, Jim loves those kinds of shots.

Darren pump faked a three and drove and took a better shot, he'll be in Jim's doghouse for sure now, if he already wasn't.

Just wait, the real "Classic Dunleavy Defense" is coming. You know, the one where Ray Allen toys with him by running around the court, and then Dunleavy inexplicably leaves Ray all together and Ray drains a wide open 3.

I think that JO'B and the rest of the Team has forgotten that Marquis is near automatic when he's anywhere near the paint.

Grangers play really cost the pacers. He's plain horrible right now. Your best player can't give you games like that every single night.

Can't wait for the reactionary "trade Danny granger for [incredibly average roleplayer]" thread.

Remember back in the day when Danny Granger could hit a jump shot? Ahhhhhhh, memories.

My Posey defending Big Baby? NM...we're losing this game regardless.

Pacers are going to go nowhere as long as our offense consists of just shooting three's and playing players who can only shoot the three. Indiana Three Pointers

I hate Pierce. What disrespect.

He's already won by 10-ish and the dude goes and pulls an arrogant dunk, like he just beat up on a good team. Maybe he'll roll an ankle and get an Academy Award again......

Well the key to this game was when Nate got injured and they moved Quis to the Point. That was like an 8 point run at the beginning of the 4th. Totally demoralized us.

I find the Celtics extremely enjoyable to watch, and I remember the pacers used to have a team, that would win games like the Celtics did tonight. They didn't play that well until they had to and won the game rather easily

I thought they were playing with us the first half and could more or less take over the game anytime they desired which they did when they needed to. It was like they were just going through the motions much of the game saving their energy in case it was needed. Not much was needed.