Comments From the Other Side - Nuggets 12/8

I love how every team's fans think that they will beat the Celtics because they are old and slow.  It's also interesting how some fans felt that they would get blown out and others expected a win.  The most interesting thing I found though was how they kept talking about their injuries.  Did they not realize that the Celtics have been playing without Perk, JO and Delonte and with half a Rondo?  Much of the talk on the Nuggets' boards was about Melo and his desire to get out of Denver.  Many doubted that he was really injured and it was a ploy to urge the Nuggets to trade him sooner.  Anyway, some good stuff.  Enjoy! 

We're gonna get blown out by 30+

Comeback game, we got this. We have too much energy for them, even on a second night of a back to back

While the nugs lose to anybody on the road, they always seem to "show up" against the elite talent. A win here would take away that sting from last night..but the Celtics actually play D.

We'll win this one.
Good team = motivated Nuggets.
Hopefully Rondo plays so we can let him shoot all day.

This should be a loss, but with the Nugs life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get

Celtics are old and don't run.  Nuggets even on a back to back can run them out of the gym.  

Rondo ain't playing He makes Boston run, without him they can’t go. Who is going to run the team, Name Robertson? That is crazy talk! That fool couldn’t run legs; he’s so stupid. Denver wins easy, that is real talk.

Personally I believe there is about a 15% chance of winning tonight, it’s definitely possible though

No Rondo is pretty huge However this is a team that is rolling right now. They have won 7 in a row with him in and out of the lineup. Boston is a team that doesn’t make any excuses and takes care of business.

Boston has won quite a few games already without Rondo

Nuggets lost yesterday because they overlooked the Bobcats thinking of this game I’m thinking the Nuggets show up, and beat the Celtics

How will The Celtics have a chance of they don't have Rondo
They will have to resort to Paul Pierce/K.G isolation for points, and Ray won’t be able to get the clear shots without Rondo penetrating and dishing outside. I say even against an injured Rondo, we stand a good chance,

Agreed without Rondo they are a totally different team. Rondo makes that team go. Without him they look old. We should win if Rondo does not play.

Good news is the Celtics aren't a good home team.
They won more on the road last year than they did at home

9-1 at home
This years Celtics are different than last years too

Rondo is far and away MVP so far this year in my eyes.

I wouldn’t say far and away MVP, but he is close. He is balling out of his mind right now. People want to talk about LeDeuche LeDeuche getting a triple-double every game, but truthfully Rondo could.

Awesome, so they get Rondo back and we lost Melo....outstanding And by outstanding, I mean craptastic

You know, I would like George Karl to get his 1,000th against his least favorite player of all time (assuming on past events) and the one player who feuding with Karl like no other, Mr. Ray Allen himself. I think Karl would rather have his 1,000th against him since they had no many arguments and verbal battles in Milwaukee, that it would be a pretty good F you to Ray even though Ray has the 1 championship.

We are scared to penetrate
Their defense makes us look like pansies

They are playing offense We are not. They are playing defense. We are not. They are playing unselfish. We are not. We are not good.

I could watch Ray Allen hit those threes all day, just not on the Nuggets.

I hate these Celtics players always whining.

We are letting tall white 2nd round stiffs beat us down low
This is the sign of destruction.

Send Billups and Harrington out with Melo too. Awful.

I normally can't stand all the "media hates us" crap from every fan base But Jon Barry f'ing hates us.

This is what happens when you play a good defense
They are kicking our collective asses, I won’t blame this on the refs one bit.

Shaq makes ridiculous shots from 5 feet

How was that not a goaltend?

Because the refs watched Shaq growing up

Tell Shaq he's a sissy to be picking on little people

The Nuggies are embarrassing this “vaunted” Celt D
it's old news but shaq’s free throw stroke is hilarious!

Chauncey T'd up.....


Real leaders get T'd up

How the F doesn't KG get T’ed up.

Because it's KG and he's a Celtic

I hate KG I really wish Noah would try/actually whip his ass.

It would be the lankiest fight ever.

All arms and legs aflutter

Hey Nene, how about scoring over the goofy Turkish guy with 1 arm...just an idea.

Wow, we aren't playing well but the refs sure aren't helping. We aren't getting any calls on the offensive end of the floor..

A charge no call made into a block, and a block made into a charge... It looks like the refs will keep the Celtics on top if they can.

Our team does not move the ball
Really wish this game was not on national TV.

We just don’t play the right way. I mean, I’ll take wins any way we can get them. But man are we selfish or what. And this is without Melo on the floor

No one can guard Nate Robinson or Rajon Rondo

Reason why we won't win a championship with most of these players minus AAA, ty and Nene?
No defense, the Celtics defense is how it should be done, our defense sucks, its hard to win with a very good not not spectacular offense and mediocre at best defense.

Even with Bird our defense is still mediocre, yea he whacks blocks out of bounds, big whoop, the ball still goes to the other team. Celtics trap, and feast on any slasher who dare enters… smart blocking too, where they block to the green jerseys.

NY is the hottest team in the league, playing on their home floor so I doubt we beat them.

you’re forgetting they’re still the knicks. I say we beat them

FWIW... The NJ Nets play the Celts a lot tougher than this.

You go NENE!!! Don't take that Celtic dirty shit

A little too late to act all hard huh?

Who Big Baby or Nene?

Both shrek and chia pet

Whoa, Nene!
Did he just try to head but Big Baby?

Nene would kick his ass.

Um Big Baby is a liar...
He was the one that elbowed Nene and then he headbutted Nene…

They owned us
Let them have their shine

If it’s one team that can match size by size with the lakers. it’s the C’s

No chance for the nuggets in this one. Too short handed and the Celtics are in a comfort zone.

And again the team that bothers to play defense win

Oh I would not be suprised if Melo sits out the Toronto game. To make sure he is nice and refreshed for the Knick game. You he wants to put on a show.

Not an excuse, but we were missing some key pieces. Bird and Melo especially. With them it would have been a different story.