Comments From the Other Side - Magic 12/25

Well, as I always say, these are a lot more fun when we win.   I couldn't believe that the Magic fans were complaining so much about the refs when clearly they were letting the Magic get away with even more than they let the Celtics get away with.   Magic took more free throws and their center didn't foul out.  Just saying.   One thing I agree with Magic fans about is the photo of David Stern.   I still say the Magic fans can't feel too good about beating a Celtics team without their first and second string point guards and without their starting center and one other center in foul trouble, and the third very rusty from not playing all season.  Yes, a win is a win, but I like our chances when the Celtics are healthy.  I'm surprised that Magic fans didn't realize how short handed the Celtics actually were.    Here's today's Comments from the Other Side.... 

If Orlando beats Boston and they should I got a feelin they win the next 6 after Boston

Someone bring a wheelchair to the game

No Rondo = no distribution, 1-1 offense
No Perkins = Dwight will have a fun day, Shack to slow to keep up

We have to take advantage of them not having Rondo available and we have to push the tempo and run on this team. If we can contain Pierce and Allen, then we will handle these old farts! I'll never forget the disrespect that Paul Pierce displayed to us in last season's ECF and the way their team and their fanbase disrespect us each time we play.

I am hoping for a game where we can continue to see progress and heart. If we can play every game as hard as the Celtics do then we will have a great team.

JRich is a Celtics killer. I'm looking for him to have a good game. Our guards will have to carry us cause I see Dwight in foul trouble very early. JO will draw 2 flops on Dwight.

Anyone else think Arenas should take advantage of the Nate Robinson matchup? I mean, the guy has like half a foot advantage on him.

We got murdered by the C's last year because almost everyone picked us to win after the Cavs got eliminated.

It would be safe to say that they are to big, and many legs to old to run with this group, so that should be the approach for the day!

There is no point in watching the game today because Jon Barry and Magic Johnson already said that the Celtics will win because the Celtics are smarter than the Magic.

Have a feeling Richardson is going to abuse Ray Allen with his athleticism.

LOL @ Shaq flopping.

C's are getting away with so much pushing, holding, over the backs, etc.. Lol refs are trying to make this game close

Our guys are taking a lot of physical abuse, with no calls. Damn refs.


Have they put the worst 3 officals on this game or what. Fouls called be another offical when one was right in the pocket of the play , 10 sec free throw call never seen that one before

I counted probably 6 seconds max on that... He always does that, same length and same time someone most definitely alerted the refs about this...

Naw man, I actually counted it and got up to 14 mississppi before they called it. He's taking WAY too long to shoot FT's

It's about time he got called for that. He has been taking a ridiculously long amount of time all season on his fts

99% of the players don't take that long shooting FTs. The referees have been allowing Howard to play above the rules for too long.

Nate Robinson is so bad how did this scrub be the difference in game 6 last year

I don't understand how Boston fans can cheer a team like this. Honestly, I'd be ashamed if Orlando got favored as lopsidedly as Boston has been this game. Same goes for Miami fans.

After that big KG dunk, he batted the ball away from ref towards their bench... Why wasn't that a delay of game?

Because he plays for the Celtics

One and done on our end, while they get multiple possessions on their end. Story of this series for the past three seasons.

We look like a collective piece of crap right now. We always embarrass ourselves in big prime-time games...

We can't handle Boston's tough defense. We don't have anyone that is willing to take it to the basket. We shy away from contact and we don't give it back to them. We aren't as smart as they are as a team. They are better than us.

This. Their just a smarter team nor do they panic. If this team started out the game down 13 they would be down 25 by now.

Send out Malik to brake Pierce's leg

I must say that Marquis Daniels block on Arenas worried me. Ever since he got here I've noticed how easy it is to block that.

We could add a starting center move Dwight to power forward and make KGs night v the magic a lot harder.

Boston is just a smarter team than we are.

The refs are really pressing for this game to be close, huh?... I've counted 7 bad calls so far

Sign me to a 1 game contract and make sure it's against Boston so I can come in and knockPaul Pierce out

The officials have already stuck their noses in this contest, but we knew that was coming since it is the Celtics, the team allowed to bump, grab and play as physical as they like. I don't know how many times in this game already we have went to the rim and no call has been made, although it was obviously a foul.

Will Dwight ever be able to be effective against Boston? Things don't bode well this year especially since they got O'Neal x 2 who have both given him trouble in the past, let alone Perkins, Big Baby and Garnett.


Howard's two fouls were hilarious. Shaq pulling Howard to the ground = foul on Howard. Then Davis acting as if a shot gun went off in his chest. Blame Stern for the officials. They are fine according to him.

About **** time they call a foul on those dirty bastards

The Celtics have to literally take a 2 by 4 to somebody before we get a foul called.

I just dont understand how the refs still call every Celtics flop. I mean I thought the NBA said they were going to cut down on flop calls, yet every Celtics game, they get them all game long

I hate the Celtics so much

I almost forgot how much I hate the Celtics.

Merry Christmas to you too Refs... Good to see integrity is a part of the officiating code of honor... Nope, no influences are making this game close in any way (for TV ratings, controlled entertainment, and stuff)

Why isn't Arenas abusing this scrub?

Boston is the most overrated team in the NBA. Broken down Shaq, broken down Garnett, Crybaby Paul Pierce, overrated Rondo.

that's not a flagrant!... Kg is such a ***** Hedo made a play for the ball... Cs are whiners... When we play tough, dirty, and aggressive... All of a sudden the Cs have halos all over their heads

Haha Hedo kills KG. I love it

7 foot Garnett strips Nelson. Enough said. Ship the midget out for a backup center. We have Arenas.

Don't fall too comfortable with the refs... They're just evening out the calls

Remember Rondo isn't playing. Boston O isn't half as good when he is not playing. When Pierce is handling the ball....he doesn't have Pierce to pass it to.

These refs are pro Boston big time.



We absolutely stole this game. Unreal.

Just to think our "new" team isn't even playing that well together yet, and we've still beaten two of the hottest teams in the league.

We had no right to win this game. What a gut-check. Yes, they were without Rondo... But we're still a new team trying to gel

Can we win it all? Boston was a team I was afraid of playing. Particularly with only Howard as our sole big, but even with him in foul trouble, we pull through. (This game also shows just how incredible Dwight is at defence. Does anyone come even close to competing defensively with him?)

Classic ORlando - Boston regular season game. Boston goes up big then wets the bed against ORL in the 4th quarter.

We need to play better to beat Boston later in the year. Rondo and Perkins will create very obvious issues.

LMAO at the Lakers/Heat game. Players yelling left and right at the officials an o Ts. If Howard did that he would have been tossed and suspended.

They gotta stop Dwight some how since no one can so they call bad fouls and T him up

Merry Christmas KG & Pierce, this is what you get for constantly laughing and taunting at your opponents

Even Paul "The Lie" Pierce said before the game that Hedo is still one of his toughest matchups in the league .. And that's the truth

The pre-trade team would have folded right after that horrible tunover by Jameer when KG stole the ball. Good thing Hedo had some balls and gave KG a strong legal foul. That showed we werent gonna lay down.

It's easy for Davis to be all chest-out knowing that the refs are on their side. Still, playing eight on five, they still couldn't win. Miserable pricks. I can't wait until we beat them in the playoffs--again.