Random Thoughts on Delonte's Return

There are a lot of articles out both yesterday and today about Delonte's debut game tonight with the Celtics.  Rich Levine has the best article that I've read on the subject over on CSN that is well worth the read.  As always, not being an actual writer, I'll just share my random thoughts about Delonte and his return to the Celtics.

I've always been a big Delonte West fan.  Of all the players that have been on the Celtics and then traded, the two that I have always followed and wished to have back in green were Delonte and Big Al.  Phase one has been completed with Delonte's return tonight.  Now we just need to lure Big Al back again.  I really hated that we had to trade Delonte to get Ray, but knew that given the choice between the two, it was a no brainer.  If you have the chance to get Ray Allen, you get him.

I've followed both Delonte and Big Al over the years since they were traded and have rooted for both on their respective teams.   I even rooted for Delonte to do well when he was on the rival Cavs.  It was hard to watch the problems he was going through on that team but I think the dysfunctional nature of that team added to his off court struggles.  Coming back to the Celtics is the absolute best case scenario for Delonte at this point as he tries to rebuild his career and stabilize his life.

He is back where he feels comfortable and wanted.  I've read that he was an outcast of sorts on the Cavs.  Yes, Shaq reached out to him and befriended him, but there was also that LeBron factor in that everything on that team had to revolve around LeDiva.   There are a lot of factors that figure into the fact that Delonte is going to do well now that he is back in Boston.  Doc and Danny both love him and will support him.   He has teammates like Pierce, Shaq and Perk who love him also and will support him.   Celtics fans never stopped loving Delonte and will welcome him with open arms because of how hard he plays and his desire to win.

I know that Tommy Heinsohn always loved Delonte also.  I remember some of the media were questioning whether Delonte could make the switch to point guard after playing shooting guard in college.   In one game Delonte made a really nice assist and Tommy was yelling "That's point guard skills right there!"  It'll be fun listening to Tommy tonight when Delonte comes into the game.  Also I know Delonte will get a great welcome from the Garden crowd. 

Even while Delonte was on the Cavs, once in a while I'd go to YouTube and watch some of the videos of Delonte when he was a Celtic the first time.  You just have to love this kid.  Delonte has come full circle and I couldn't be happier.   For old time's sake and in honor of his 2010-11 debut tonight, here are a couple of Delonte Classics starting with my favorite!