Comments From the Other Side - Thunder 11/7

It was rather strange reading through the Thunder boards because not much was said about the Celtics.  Most of the talk was about how bad their players were and how bad their team was and how bad their coach was.   No player was exempt from the criticism, including Kevin Durant.  I don't remember Celtics fans attacking their team this much even back in the 18 game losing streak.  Doc, however did take a lot of flack and not surprisingly, most Thunder fans are very unhappy with their coach and much of the blame is going in that direction along with some toward their GM.  There were a few good Celtics observations like the fact that Rondo is averaging more assists then their whole team and that they think that the Thunder has gotten into the Celtics heads but mostly the comments were about how bad their own players were.  Enjoy...

If we keep on playing small ball, then I don't know how we going to win. I rather play Ibaka on KG.

Rondo is averaging more assists per game than our entire team.

You think Rondo wants to prove himself against Russ after getting cut from team USA?

Barring KD or westbrook just dominating this game, I don't see us winning. Plus, we usually play like crap on Sundays for some reason.

Rondo also has some fake injury in his feet that doesn't affect him at all. So whenever you hear something about rondo being hurt, he's perfectly fine

Shaq won’t play tonight, it seems. I’m watching him on Shaq Vs right now and it seems he’s playing golf instead.

We’ve beaten Boston before by making them show their age. The major factor still riding here is the team’s focus/effort. Boston is way too good to simply beat themselves, and there is no way we straight up beat them without 100% effort from everyone.

Unless KD comes out of his funk in a big way tonight the Thunder aren’t going to be able to make up for how badly we’re going to be destroyed inside.

Its lack of depth at Center will be the Thunder’s downfall

Kevin Garnett isn't going to like what Russell Westbrook is leading the league in this year, either.

We've got to be EXTREMELY LOUD tonight and get in Boston's head. The Celtics know that the Thunder's only win was in Boston last year. They will be looking for revenge.

This team has gotten in Boston's head.

The way KG has been playing GReen is going to have his hands full. I cannot wait to see RW Vs Rondo. Hopefully we run them out of the building.

Durant seems to turn the ball over ALL THE TIME against tough defensive teams.
I really dont know why? I mean, protecthe ball while dribbling, damn, its not like he is a 7 fee Center with cement hands

Sefolosha is tough to watch, he is so horriterribad

Makes me jealous watching every other team move the ball and maintain spacing offensively. We don’t (can’t) do that….

I love our offense, whoever brings the ball up gets to take whatever shot they want, we have the worst offense in the league right now, if we have a possesion tonight with 2 passes before a brick ill probably get struck by lightning

We are way last in assists. Rondo is averaging more assists per game than our entire team.

What does Durant do besides scoring? Hell he hasn’t even scored that well this year.

Okay the season is a bust. Trade everyone, blow up this team and let’s start over

Lazy defense, not fighting through screens, turnovers, and this is our supposed leader? Durant is so soft

Losing to Boston at home is a good sign.. We lost to them last year too.

We have two of the brightest young stars in the league, but both of them come with some SERIOUS flaws. They are both ball stoppers incapable of making others around them better.

Most of what KD is doing wrong could be fixed by good coaching. But perhaps defense just takes care of itself, too.


I’m so tired of listening to the Celtics broadcast team

It makes me so jealous to see how fluid and calculated the celtics’ offensive is. it’s almost like they’re playing basketball or something.

The refs have been terrible for the second game in a row. It seems like this would have been a good time for Brooks to get a technical, show some emotion, and see if it might fire up the team.

Westbrook is selfish and pathetic right now

Looks like the Celtics are playing team basketball, and the Thunder are playing 1 vs 5

Right now in 3rd quarter : Rondo-10 assists, Thunder-8 assists

Westbrook is selfish and pathetic right now

Rondo seems to be in pain.

We should not leave Big Baby wide open to shoot jumpers.

I can’t believe how good of an NBA role player Big Baby Davis has become… He really helps them a lot.

Another guy, along with landry, bledsoe that Presti gave away during the draft

The percentage of possessions in which our point guard dribbles the entire time and shoots a mid range jump shot is astronomical.

Boston is just wasting time away. They don’t care if they score. They will just crank up their D.

Just play some D, and run at the old guys!

Wow the refs aren’t even watching the game.

Are these commentators on loan from Boston? Did they really just applaud Paul Pierce for trying to hold KD’s hand while “boxing out”?

Fire Presti Please, Would solve all our problems, We need Daryl Morey a real GM that is constantly making moves to improve his team, we should of signed Dampier before the rockets but Presti was probably busy thinking up his next amazing draft night deal like when he traded Ray Allen and Glen Davis for Jeff Green..