Comments From the Other Side - Thunder 11/19

These are definitely more fun to gather when we win. The Thunder boards aren't very active so there weren't a lot of posts but maybe that was good with the way the Celtics played last night.

I would love to see a defensive battle with us prevailing in a close game

No KD, No Problem! Westbrook goes off tonight with 45 points! Moving him to the top for All-Star voting!

I love my Thunder, but dont look for them to pull this one off without KD.

Most of you guys are being way too pessimistic about this game, I don't know I got a good feeling, I don't think it could be worse than the first game against the Celtics

The Celtics have a very effective second five of West, Robinson, Daniels, Big Baby, and Semih Erden. This allows them to play two independent units, and rest their starters quite a bit. West's return not only improves the bench, it makes their starters more dangerous per minute. Shaq's been great- looking much better than he did in Phoenix or Cleveland.

Boston is really deep. If we get ourselves into a customary early deficit it'll be tough to dig out on the road.

Boston is deep, Boston is good. They are probably the best team so far into the season (along with Lakers and Hornets), but they will slow down as the season progresses and they will lose "easy" games like the one tonight, because they cant afford to play on an energy level like this for 82 games, they're too old for that

If they sleep on us with Durant out we might be able to pull off a win like Cleveland did.

Shaq's shuffling around like my grandma And holy snap did you see that welt on the back of KG’s head.
Shaq just showed a bit of his young self right there.

The amazing bit would be to see him keep it up for 4 quarters

I'd be seriously impressed if we keep this close when we go to the benches. Boston is so deep.

I am happy with our effort so far. The putback by White was nice to have, I would be happy if he is able to develop into a Glen Davis caliber player.

Delonte with the mother.......uh, three.

Boston has lacked interest in this game so hopefully that continues. Cut the turnovers and keep hitting from outside and we might have a chance to steal it.

This game is being played at a grueling pace. I would have thought with KD out we'd look to push the pace and emphasize our athletic advantage, but it's been the complete opposite. Probably the slowest half we've played in a long time.

Still waiting for Boston to go on that run.
Simply amazing Without Durants volume shooting…

I have never seen a player look more frightened to be playing basketball than James Harden looks tonight. He is utterly useless due to his hesitance out there right now.

Brooks is the worst offensive coach in the league. I can't believe we've been running the same plays and isolations all quarter. What a complete joke. Nobody's moving without the ball or doing anything useful, just watching. We might get lucky and win but we don't deserve to with this kind of guy orchestrating our 'offense'. These guys deserve better.

It's amazing we won. Just incredible. This was the luckiest win I've ever seen. Big Baby missing those free throws?

That was the worst display of offense I have ever seen at any level, wow. WHAT THE HELL IS BROOKS DOING ON THE SIDELINES?

Brooks is a moron. Our offense was great for the first half, a lot was jump shots but at least they were open.

It's great to get a win like this but we're going to get smoked in the playoffs with an offense this stupid to close out games.

Great win. Our defense was just better than theirs tonight. Anytime you can hold the Celtics without a FG in the last TEN minutes, that's awesome defense.