Comments From the Other Side - Raptors 11/26

There are always plenty of comments from Raptors fans during games.  They have the most and longest game threads of any team in the league.  They are very quick to turn on their own team when they are losing though.  And it is very clear that KG is enemy #1 in Raptor country and that they recognize the damage that Rondo can do in a game.  There was some complaints about the officiating but I thought the refs missed stuff both ways.  I loved the last comment.  The rally cry for all the losing teams this season:  "At least we're not Miami."  Too funny!  

I will predict that KG will be trying one of his doggy tricks in this game. Reggie will take out his his paddle and spank him over the head. Both KG and Reggie will not finish the game.

As close to a guaranteed loss as you can get IMO.
The Celts are going to be pissed that they lost the last one.

Delonte West broke his wrist and will be out the rest of the season. So Rondo/West out leaves the Boston back court very weak. I doubt they will keep up with Jose/Bayless/Barbosa

Rondo's not playing Nate has been playing good, but he is no Rondo and doesn't facilitate their offence like he does, I'm guessing KG will try to play better against Bargnani after getting dominated last game, but we still have a decent shot at winning this game I think..

The refs will keep us in it until the 4th quarter. Keeps the fan interest up.

We're taking this game. With our renewed (or newfound) sense of pride, I think the boys are going to use their youth and speed to tire this team out

Who here thinks Paul pierce gonna lead the comeback against us 2008 finals style?

Hoping this is the start of a big time losing streak.

I think we could steal one in Boston, this team has a lot of confidence right now... And we match-up pretty well against the Celtics this season, they are a bad rebounding team, Amir and Reggie can just eat them up again.

If Rondo is still out, I say we got this.

If Rondo sits out, Boston's offense isn't gonna look pretty with Nate running the show all game long.

Chalk up another win, unless the refs screw us

If win, then playoffs talk, if loss, then tank talk.

I'm all for tanking, but I'm also all for pissing off Celtics fans.
This is a win-win situation.

Peja v.s Ray Allen. Raptors win

Celtics aren't going to let us off the hook this game. They were pissed that we out worked them. They want payback.

Peja will have 5 threes, break the record, and show Ray Allen who's boss.

Boston was lucky to beat NJ in the last game and it was mostly because of Shaq.
Bargs gives Shaq fits and makes him look like a sad old C ready for the old Cs home.

For some sick reason I want to see the Boston feed just to hear heinsohn whine

I just hope dick bavetta in his raptors ref uni will help us out again. Then we will have a chance

Let's go tire these old folks out, run the floor, push the tempo, no half court sets!

Night will be successful if either of these two things happen:
I) We keep it close; or
Ii) Someone elbows KG in the face.

Bargnani will torch KG

If I was a betting person, my money would be on Boston & the Refs.

We are not the same Raptor team that you used to push around anymore, Bosh is out of here so no more ISO's.. We came to run! We got real dudes on this team who are ready to get up and down the floor and blow past anyone on your old geezer roster! Rondo and West out? Hit em when they're down!

Damn...any hope I had of a victory just went down the pipe with the news of Rondo playing tonight.

All We Got To Do injure Rondo And Easy Win lol

This move with the C's starting Rondo reeks of desperation. It's like Doc was not confident enough they'd get this win on home court. They're bringing their most important player back from injury for a game vs supposedly the worst roster in the NBA.

Man, imagine if the Celtics had that lineup 5-7 years ago...Shaq, KG, Allen, Pierce all in their primes?

They would be sucking like the Heat because players would have much trouble accepting their roles.

They compliment each other A LOT better than LBJ, Wade, and Bosh do. Also the defense of Shaq and KG would be unbelievable, I'd say a tad better than Bosh and Ilgauskas...

This will be dubbed "the Boston Massacre".

It just hit me. I just saw the Celtics starting 5 shown on the TV screen and thought "holy crap that's likely 5 HOF's when all is said and done".

Damn these guys are so good. The Celtics are probably the best team in the east IMO. They have so many weapons.

it's all rondo - he makes life so easy for everyone else.

Boston is just a waaaay better team. It's just more obvious when Rondo is running the offense.

Man rondo is so good the Celts are a diffrent team with him on the floor.

Everyone is just standing around watching Rondo run around

LOL Oneal looking like a young buck.

Holy Crap Shaq moved fast

We're getting RONDOWNED

Uuuugly. Bargs is at least getting some boards though.

He either gets points or rebounds, his brain wont let him do both.

He's doing his Moses Malone impersonation. Not prime Moses...Moses now.

Honestly I hate KG the most out of anyone in the NBA. Hes the biggest punk ***** ive ever seen in my life.

This won't be easy to win when the C's have go-to scoring moves that involve KG and Shaq with uncontested dunks.

I have to say this, first game between Miami and Boston I was for Boston. But now I see them try to bully and act tough **** the Celtics. This is it ,this year is their last, they are **** old, all the huff anf puff and the act tough crap and we are just 5-6 pts behind at the half on their court with Rondo playing. They are finished we are catching up to them and guess what they know it.

I forget how much I actually hate Boston until we play them. At least Garnett and Pierce - getting hard to not like Rondo. But can't stand Garnett...

What's funny is while in Minny Garnett was the exact opposite. Nicest guy around. When he went to Boston he turned into a *****.

No he was always the same. You just see him a lot more now that hes in Boston

These reffs give the Celtics all the calls While we arnt getting none

Rondo is great but if I'm Boston, I trade him for Nash. Nash provides the same assists with the ability to hit the jumper. You wouldn't be able to defend them.

Nash is 36...which is right in line with the rest of the team

This Boston team is like the walking dead, They are dragging themselves (literally) to the play offs so they can then slow down the games and play for every position. With their age and effort against us I see them one injury away from a major disappointment. This team is in its last throws and they will be stuck with PP contract and God knows who they extend this off season.

Weems and bargs are shooting 4-22 ewwwwwwwwwww

That's known as Boston Defence lol

Wow we suck

You say that like it's some kind of revelation.

The Raptors are so polite. They just leave the lane wide open so the Celtics don't hurt themselves while throwing it down.

We need some more of these calls

I wish our team would foul hard like that. I love it.

I think Rondo is the best point guard in the league.

Not many centers can guard Shaq even if he is old.
And not many centers can score against garnet.

Can someone please punch Garnett in the head. After the third elbow thrown after the whistle I would've put him on his ass

Looks like it's getting chippy between KG and Amir

KG's fake intensity

If I could punch one NBA player in the face it would be KG, hes such a little bitch

Boston's worn themselves out from all the dunks. It's the rope-a-dope strategy in effect

Garnett yacks it up so much to the refs it's pathetic.

Celtics whine and bitch more than any other team. Its so annoying how they rely on bad calls to win games. They cant even beat the Raptors in a rebuilding year, they have no future

Bitch away as much as you want, but we're not good - they are.

I hate Celts, if we gonna loose badm wanna see a fight, some ejections, elbows and stuff..

Someone needs to elbow KG in the nose. Comon, why hasn't ONE single player done it??

Bargnani has to be the worst defensive rebouning center of all time in the history of the national basketball association

I'd rather see a few flagrant fouls than the Celtics dunk contest.

ERDEN SCORED ??? Game over...

New NBA rules..."All Boston Celtics players are to receive a foul shot attempt after ever basket in the paint regardless if an actual foul occurs."

Peja increashing his value - not bad to showcase him to Bos either. Maybe we can pry Bradley & the corpse of Jermaine O'Neal from them after Dec 15.

Wow we're actually killing a team with 3's!!

If by killing you mean we're still down big and will eventually lose the game... Then yes, we're killing the Boston Celtics.

Wait, how did we leave Ray open like that?

Hope we get Austin River in 2012 so he can help us destroy his father's team.

What the hell is Boston doing?

Showing who's boss.

The refs sure made up to the C's for last Sunday least we're not Miami