Comments From the Other Side - Mavs 11/8

Lots of good comments from Mavs fans.  In spite of the loss, it was fun gathering these comments.  I loved the comment about how he used to like KG before he got weird and angry and now he's just scared of the faces he makes.  That was a classic.  And the last comment was right on.  This loss didn't bother me so much because the Celtics are missing Delonte.  The addition of Delonte is going to make a huge difference in the bench.  And right now we are basically playing without a center.  The O'Neals HAVE to get healthy at some point, right?  And when Perk comes back, he is going to be better than ever.  I loved the way the Mavs fans hated on Barea but then kind of had to back track when he came in and basically kept them in the game.  Anyway... in spite of the loss, enjoy this edition of Comments from the Other Side...

Mavs will win a close match tonight... By no more 5 points.

This will happen only if JJB does not play.

I'm not sure how we'll do with only 4 men on the court, but interesting idea.

I know how we do with 4 1/2 men.

Nate is another Minus maker.

Will Boston Kill us tomorrow
Boston defeated OKC quite easily and tomorrow they will annihilate us.

We should be motivated after Saturday's flop, but motivation may not be enough with Boston. Rondo eats us alive.

I'm sensing a win against Boston. The defeat to Denver was pretty humiliating with pretty much their entire front court out

Boston on paper should beat us, fortunately they do not play on paper.

Garnett is the big weakness since there's no way he can keep Dirk in check, but even then, he plays well enough even in his current condition to occasionally hassle Dirk in to some turnovers.

I believe Rondo is the second-tied best point guard in the league with Deron Williams behind CP3... It means a TON of troubles tonight for us...

It's amazing Boston can be down 3 centers and still function at the position. Big Baby has been terrific. Semih Erden (who came in with low expectations being the last pick in the draft a few years ago) is contributing and will develop into a good center.

Big Baby has been playing out of this world.

Rondo goes for 31 points 21 assists and 11 rebounds and we lose I hope I'm wrong, lol

I hope for some playing time for Stevenson just so he can punch Garnett if he does one of his typical garbage moves

Celtics coming off a B2B and coming into Dallas as 3.5+ favorites.

Hopefully they put Jet on Rondo and Kidd on Ray, and live with only Rondo going off. But if they try Kidd on Rondo and Jet on Ray, that could be bad news on both fronts.

So you want Kidd to run all night through all the screen for Ray?

It might be fun watching Nate posting up JJ when the benches are in.

For some odd reason Dirks plays the C's very well

Its for the same reason that Dirk always played well against the TPups: Garnett can't come close to guarding him.

Rondo = Zone buster

That dude is such a beast.

I just want to see Dirk beat the living hell out of KG towards the end of the game.. I would trade that for a 10 game suspension

Dirk is a top 40-50 player all time...Pierce is just one of the better small forwards of his generation

..that has a championship ring.

You're right, Robert Horry was five times the player Karl Malone was... I know what you're saying, but still, Pierce v Dirk isn't even close.

Mavs will get destroyed by the Celtics. Mavs are a 1 man team, but the problem is that his dumb teammates think they are the #1 option.

I f***ing HATE Kevin garnett. Stupid a**hole.

I used to like him Until he got weird and angry. Now he just scares me with his faces.

Butler is on fire again. His last 3 posessions: missed long jumper,missed layup, travel.

Dirk is playing like another white boy who use to play on the team they are playing

Call me a homer, but I'd take Dirk over Bird any day, even knowing the defense thing.

Dirk needs to quit effin floppin and get his @ss on the boards.

Dirk needs to do a lot of scoring to make up for that haircut..

The incompetency of the nba and its refs knows no bounds.

And apparently the Mavs know no REbounds

Celtics really dirty so far, I hope the refs clean that up at some point

Nate and JJ Look like children out there. Simply adorable.

It would be nice if haywood would stop getting schooled by that random tall European guy

We should always play teams that are on the 2nd night of back to back

Haywood needs to play better defense.

What do you mean? Thats just a rookie-from-Turkey-last-player-taken-in-the-draft scoring on him. Hard to stop Semih Erden.

I just remembered the Celtics are super old and it's a B2B for them.

Big Baby is a flopper.

Haywood is getting dominated by some guy named semhi

Jermaine O'Neal is out For the rest of the game

The dude was born injured

Could Dirk be any more passive tonight?

I hate the Celtics so much.

KG gets away with so much slapping...upsets me.

It's his intensity levels and his passion that allow him to get away with it

He does pound his chest with the best of 'em. I once heard that he has so much intensity and passion that he had to punch his own teammate...Who doesn't respect that?!

Drat, don't let Allen do that Once he gets going, he’s unstoppable.

Dirk has to finish strong there...ugh, he is so soft sometimes.

Bosten is playing like crap (Back to back) and we still lose. And does Dirk even want to play basketball anymore?

Just a random note: Boston is now also missing 3 of their big men.

I can't stand KG and Peirce's faces.

Rondo is such a tiny defensive BEAST!

Jj barea is not good enough to complain Someone tape his mini mexi mouth shut

I wish Barea would get that second tech. I hate this team.

Celtics showing what REAL championship defense is

Our half-court offense is a crime against humanity.

Butler injured? I don´t see him on the bench...

He's out in the parking lot in a makeshift dog house

Gotta hand it to Boston...they play tough and active D.

Rondo might be the best player on the team now, but I’ll give him that three every single time.

You know what: it would be nice to win, but in the end Boston is on a b2b and lacking THREE centers.

So fortunate Rondo cannot shoot 3s

Daring Rondo to take a 3. Not exactly my idea of a great defensive strategy, but I guess it worked.

The Celtics are a great team and could very well win the title. We know they're an older team playing on 2nd night of a back2back, but they don't have Dirk nowitzki.

It was good, but it was at home, the Celtics were on a b2b and missing two centers. We should win this game. Denver was the same situation and we lost by double-digits, though.

HELLO. THey are missing THREE centers. Kendrick Perkins is their starting center and he won't be coming back until January(or later). He is the best center on that team, the O'Neals are just an insurance policy.

Great.  I love it.  Now Mavs are contenders because  they beat the very old Celtics by 2 points on a b2b without 2 of their centers and with another one useless and a key player off their bench not playing either.  Not to mention that their pg is playing with sore feet.    Somehow I don't feel so good about this win.