Comments From the Other Side - Heat 11/11

The reactions on the Heat boards were very interesting.  For the most part, reality is setting in for their fans and they see that instead of the juggernaut out of the gates the Heat were touted as, they have a very flawed team that is not gelling.  Not surprisingly, most of the fans are calling for Spoelstra's head but the blame is also being spread around to their stars and surrounding cast.    Most of the fans realized that they were getting considerable help from the refs and most don't like it.  But there was one fan who felt that the Celtics couldn't win without the refs letting them get away with stuff.  I loved the comment about how free throws are Miami's only source of offense but maybe the best comment is how Mark Blount wills solve their center problems.  Too funny!  Enjoy...

X factor for Miami will be the crowd. X factor for Celtics will be Rondo. If we can't contain him again this time, we'll lose

This game is so important. If we lose, then we might not win the championship this year. Dynasties are decided in November.

If we lose they're simply better than us because after that embarrassment last night, I think they'll come out with something to prove. Spo, please don't start Arroyo. Please?

I'm surprised wade or lebron hasnt said something to spo, like "we can really use a 3pt shooter in the starting lineup" or "what does arroyo do again?" I feel bad for lebron and wade that 2 scrubs can make us look so mediocre some time.

We will win this game, book it.

I hope we don't suck too much.

I hope we KILL the Celtics, not just beat them but embarrass them

Wow this is a huge game If we lose spo better start cleaning out his officeose.

Cant wait till we face Derrick Rose, it's gonna be a lay up drill. Hahahahahahahaha, Spo aint no coach, he should get back to editing game videos.

I dont like out chances in this game right now. This Boston team will come to play... And I'm not sure we will.

Why do I feel rondo is going to tear arroyo up.... Were never going to reach potencial with arroyo starting

I think we will lose and if a change is not made after then we screwed

Heat should murder these idiots tonight.

Time to put these fools into their retirement homes.

Spo is trash. Fire this guy. I would coach the Heat better

Jeez, I can only imagine what happens if the Heat lose this one.

Pitchforks and torches

Every analyst on Around the Horn just picked the Heat to win tonight

Did anyone see a 5-3 start for the Heat? I know I didn't. If they go 5-4 tonight, the suicide lines will light up

I hope Haslem and LeBron kick the **** out of KG and Pierce

I hope we destroy Boston. Can't stand Pierce, Garnett, and Rondo.

Geez our arena still is not all the way filled up, lol.

Joel= worst player in the NBA. He got completely **** owned on that play.

It's crazy how badly KG owns Chris Bosh, just completely handles him.

Shaq that fat *** is not even jumping and hes getting boards.

keep jacking them up arroyo, at this point you dont have to worry about ruining your shooting %

I guess our frontcourt really is terrible

Riley should have called the timeout and told Spoelstra to go home. Fire him during the game.

Bosh has become KGs property again

NOBODY can stop Bron/Wade in the open court..the problem is we can't get a freaking rebound

Are we desperate to put old Eddie House as replacement early in the 1st?

Shooting Streaky House = 0 defense House

Either Spo is a bad coach or the Heat just simply don't have the pieces that fit.

Both which is even worse


Bosh should be cut after that rondo dunk

What a dunk! That was some vince carter hops for his size

Can't stand Rondo, but that was a sick dunk.

The IQ on this team is awful, just plain awful!

Baby Davis has gotten fatter as well. Must be cause Shaq is on the team.

Bosh pack you bags and go back to Toronto

Why do Heat fans suck at cheering? They have 3 of the best players they should have fans like Boston where if Boston is down by 20 and Ray Allen hits a 3 the crowd goes nuts.

If we could go back in the offseason, I think RIley would have signed Shaq

Looks like its time to watch the Miami Cavaliers play. Fun

Refs don't give us the calls because it would slow down the game.

Why did bosh attempt just one shot.

Cause KG scares him

The refs suck. Can we get a foul call

The Celtics are playin mad dirty right now

We're just spineless compared to these guys

I honestly want to lose this game so Riley can actually consider firing Spo.

We cant even get a rebound with just that random white guy erden or whatever in the painttt lol

Their FOURTH string C (Perkins/Shaq/JO/this dude) just owned our team

Hopefully we can cut into this lead, but once again...our weaknesses are so obvious. In a 7-game series, it's only getting to get exploited even more.

We are so horrible out of timeouts. Spo is a really bad offensive coach, and a mediocre defensive coach. Why is he the coach of this team?

Celtics deserve to blow us out by 20+

Riley will let this **** ride until midseason just so he can come back and coach what will appear to be only a .500 ball club to a championship. Just adds that much more to the legacy.

All the shots that the Heat make look like accidents.

No lebron on pierce????? Lebron owned him in the playoffs!!!

We are watching a basletball team against 3 guys taking turns going 1 on 1

Wade's falling theatrics are getting pretty old

Especially when his guy makes a 3 while he complains to the refs.

Spoelstra, two picks, and Burnie for George Karl

Wade is just not even trying on defense against Ray, thats just sad

Seriously though Allen is annoying
Give him a little room , he makes it
Most annoying player

Boston SG 18 points on 6-8
Heat SG 2 points on 0-6

KG is still a beast, we got a bit lucky there was a no-call.

I'm hoping for a second half big comeback

Well, the Celtics are notorious for blowing early leads, and we've proven an ability to rally in the third quarter, plus we're at home, so I wouldn't be surprised.

This game is in the bag. LeBron is going to take over from the three point arc. You watch, bro. Ray Allen is so over rated. So is Garnett.

Where did our lockdown D go? Ray is killing us!

The funny thing is people think Ray Allen is getting open without the help of those illegal screens. Dude is garbage w/o the refs. Quote me on that.

The only reason why spoelstra is not fired is because wade doesn't want riley back. Either hire the other van gundy or Riley returns.

That for sure was not a flagrant foul, but I'm glad they're taking pity on us lol.

Did Rondo seriously take that ball out of Haslem's hands? I mean, this is beyond ridiculous. This is atrocious.

6'1 Rondo snatching a rebound from 6'8 Haslem .. And 6'8 big baby snatching rebounds from Bosh...unbelievable.

Haslem is so much worse than Davis its comical

Punch that fat tub of Jello in the mouth!

Celtics have players that move wonderfully without the ball

Hey wade ray allens not the best shooter ever so we dont need to get out there on him

When you're guarded by Dwyane Wade, you're always going to get open looks because he's overplaying passing lanes because that's the extent of his defense.

Mark Blount signing waiving Joel..... Joel is very much non-serviceable coming to the PLAYOFFS, at least Blount has some height right?

How about you guys give some credit to Boston? Everyone who plays against Allen gets burned because Boston does so good getting him freed off screens. It's not easy to cover him. Just because Wade is Wade doesn't mean he's above anyone else getting torched by freaking Ray Allen.

Even their circus midget is clowning our defense

And how can we not even get closer against their second string?

Lebron is a bulldozer.

We suck.

We have the three best players in the NBA. We are gonna rock once they learn how to play ball man.

Is this guy serious?

There is NO passion from this Heat team. NONE. I suppose some of that could fall on the coach. But ultimately it's the players who need to stop being lackadaisical, lazy, apathetic, etc......

KG is just so smooth

Lebron got a lucky call there.

Bosh got away with a walk. Refs loving us tonight.

Guys were gonna win this game, dont worry.

We need to take advantage of their foul trouble.We're gonna be 0-2 against Boston. Not good, that'll be very crucial for playoff positioning at the end of this regular season.


This team should be booed

We are awful

They're just better. These guys don't miss though.

Our good nights only happen against crap teams. Coincidence?

How was that not a foul on Haslem lol..

So is Wade scared of the Celtics or what.

The Celtics are washed up garbage. Take away all that **** they're allowed to get away with and then come see the HEAT.

I'l be honest, the refs have been waay to nice to us this game, we should be down more, we deserve to be down way more.

I'm embarassed that the Heat can't win on their own and need the refs to give them the game and even then they can't win. Disgusting

How does a player play 8 Minutes and not do anything???
ANYTHING??> Joel Anthony - 8 Minutes, 1 PF

WE GAVE JOEL ANTHONY 18 MILLION DOLLARS OVER 5 YEARS. Read that sentence a few times, if you don't burst out in laughter you're not human.

LMFAO @ this being blamed on Spoelstra. This is soley to be blamed on Wade and Lebron's embarassing low basketball iqs and Bosh being softer than tissue.

I thought the heat would go undefeated at home or just lose 1 or 2 games but I was wrong

Problem is too much talent on one team

Lmao good one Ever hear of the Celtics? It wasnt too much of a problem for them apparently.

Free throws are our only source of offense

The Celtics played great team basketball

Bostons too old.. Them boys gonna be beat up by the time the playoffs come around

I'm not happy that the refs made the game appear closer than it was. But in the end we lost and thats all that matters.

I am VERY upset about this game, but there's a good argument that the Celtics are the best team in the league right now. Incredible lineup, incredible defense, highly effective offense. They are filled with anti-heat players, not just pierce and Allen, but nate, big baby and marquis daniels too. They are strong in the areas Miami is weak. And they have been together for 3+ years and have by far the best chemistry in the league.

At some point these excuses about how the Heat don't have chemistry to try and explain why they have look dysfunctional on offense while seeming to get worse on the defensive end with each passing game needs to stop. The Celtics despite not having any chemistry during their first season together got off to a 29-3 start.

5-4 I'm going to get drunk good night.