Comments From the Other Side - Hawks 11/22

The Celtics certainly came out with something to prove in this game.  It didn't take long for the Hawks fans to go from expecting a big win to the reality of their team getting blown out.  Yet again, there was a comment about how this team should get Perk.   I hope Danny realizes what he has in this kid and makes him a decent offer to keep him.  I love how they kept talking about how old the Celtics are while the "old" Celtics were blowing past their "young" team.   My two favorite comments were this one "Celtics are faster than us Which is sad because they are 400 years older than us." and this one "There are Bible Verses younger than the Celtics."   What's your favorite?   It's so much more fun gathering these comments when we win... enjoy!!!

I have a good feeling about tonight We need this game, and we want this game. This is the beginning of a great week. Our team’s foundation is better than a team of hired hands with no heart. Let’s Go Hawks

We should win this easily. No rondo and they are playing back to back. Plus they are old and can't keep up with us.

Rondo's not playing so Celtics fans will have an excuse for why they lost.  I can hear them whining about it now.   They are starting the circus midget in his place.  Bibby will feast.  

I almost accidentally heard Tommy Heinsohn speak. Luckily I found the Hawks broadcast channel in time!

Oh man. If Rondo doesn't play then a win won't count. Damn.

Don't forget that Marvin is questionable with... Oh, hell Marvin is just questionable. :-)

Forget the Celtics-they're old

People think Nique and Bob are homers.....Listen to Tommy and you'd reconsider

Listen at all of the Celtic fans in the building
You'd think this game was in Boston

Man Atlanta has some bad fans. It's like Boston Garden South in there.

I agree...but to be fair, they have a fan base everywhere except LA.

Nate is a thorn in our side...literally

Celtics are faster than us Which is sad because they are 400 years older than us.

Red Cross is gonna have to clean up if this continues

Embarrassing. Not watching this gutless team tonight.

I hate this ****ing team. Grow a pair of balls and drive the damn lane. Do you have no pride at all?

Boston is on a back to back and they know that they have to score as many as possible early, because their legs may start giving out later in the game. Just try to stay close.

Oh and LOL @ all you people didn't want Shaq

Oh ya, because one game against an undersized team shows hes back to his Orlando form. Also, he didnt want us. Whether we wanted him or not, its irrelevant, he did not want us.

We are pathetic this year We don’t get blown out anymore, but we can’t beat anyone with a winning record. Which is better?

Yeah this team got beat by the Raptors yesterday didn't they?

Even their horrible shots are going in.

When Nate starts hitting horrible shots, he'll keep going all night

Are we really surprised? They remember last year.

Even the Turkish stiff got a basket

This is a depressing kind of way

I picked Boston to win this, but I thought the Hawks would at least show up. At this rate Boston is on course to score 120.

Delonte is gonna sleep with one the Hawks' Moms after the game

Why does Nique sound surprised that Big Baby is making jumpers? That's what he does.

That was actually an offensive foul, but we'll take anything we can get

We need to get a good big man.  The Hawks need to go after Perkins and snag him from the Celtics before they make him an offer.  He'd be just what this team needs to give them some toughness.  


You couldn't get anything for them right now

U could get some skittles couldn't u?

Right now that sound you hear is every NBA GM saying "no thanks".

Those old men are schooling us right now

Boston's bench can be starters on other teams

Who in the nba has a worse bench then us ? What starting sf in
Worse than Marvin

Boston could put blinders on after the half and still get it done.

Joe Johnson superstar and superstar money???????? What a theft!!!!!!!!!

This has nothing to do with energy Nique....again WE didn't play last night....Boston did

When you have Pierce playing defense like his life depended on, it's gonna be a long night.

I don't care if Ray Allen has missed his last 25 shots, you CANNOT leave him wide open.

35-5 fourth quarter? Oh I think the Hawks are on the comeback trail here.


There's a big reason why I HATE Paul Pierce. Hooting and screaming up 30. Just shut up you a-hole.

LOL The Hawks cant even stop Nate Robinson

This is what elite teams do. They bury teams when they are down. The Hawks normally let Teams back in games like this.

Well Nate, you deserve to be hurt for jacking up threes. Piece of crap And-1 Tour garbage.

You can't hate on them for it. They are just putting it on em. If the Hawks had any effort it would be different.If we were on the other end we would be loving it.

Wow this is just sad the hawks can not beat a decent team even at home. How can a thunder team without Kevin durant and a raptors team without bosh beat them and we get blown out

These fans deserve a refund...the 10,000 Hawks fans that are at the game. I think the other 10,000 are Celtics fans. I mean the price for tonights game were ridiculous.

I turned it off and started watching Hoaders on On Demand.

A motivated Shaq and Garnett playing well is an imposing C-PF.

Von Wafer sighting

Sad...because I think they're thinking about cutting him

Anyone that fights with Delonte West is ok in my book

It's like a car accident. I fear to watch, yet I cannot look away!

Johnson, Horford, Smith and Marvin have COMBINED for 16/11/8

Garnett had 17/12/5

It looked like Doc was clapping when Jordan made that shot...even he feels sorry for us

Guys, can we not talk about how old Boston is anymore, please?

There are Bible Verses younger than the Celtics

I think we should have gotten Shaq

Shaq is looking like he made the right decision.

I love Shaq, at 90 years old better than our big men. Ooops we dont have any big man.

KG schooled Josh...this was definitely a pay back from last season when he was recovering

2010 Hawks team picture thus far:

Hey at least the Lion found courage at the end lol The Hawks aren’t gonna ever find it

The Celtics are striving to get back to the Finals We’re trying to be competitive in the playoffs. Big difference.

Being at this game was themost painful thing ever Because at least if I watched this at home, I would have the choice to change the channel and not have to listen to all those dam celtics fans

If Rondo played we would have lost by triple digits.  So depressing.  

Hawks are not good period I am so depressed.

Indiana 93 - Miami 77 I feel a little better