Comments From the Other Side - Grizzlies 11/13

I'm always amazed when fans turn on their own team after a loss.  The Grizzlies have a very good young team and they played very well last night.  The Grizzlies played hard and never gave up, but yet there were fans ready to dump the whole team and start over.   Although I think more fans were upset by the number of Celtics fans in the stands than they were about the loss.  I thought the best comment was questioning whether Ray was human.  Enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side...

Celtics lost in Dallas and they can lose in Memphis. Welcome Erden to the league Gasol. Conley can showcase to the NBA by outplaying Rondo.

I think we will beat them. Depends on if Oj and Henry can hold Allen....and if COnley can keep up with Rondo.

I think this will be a loss, mainly because the C's have a very productive bench. However, I think we'll make this a competitive game. Like last year's game. Hopefully the Griz will prove me wrong and get a W.

This is the 4th season with the Boston big three together and this is by far the best Celtics squad of their 4 year run. The big three is older, but they haven't lost a step. Rondo is a superstar PG and they have depth all over the place. Not to mention how great a defensive team they are. This will be the toughest test of the season so far (maybe a little easier than the Lakers).

Possibly losing at Dallas will open people's eyes that they aren't the dominant team they once were. They caught Miami before the Heat were ready in my opinion and it was still a 3 pt game late. Boston is very good but they aren't as good as they have been.

I don't want to get in a close game with them because I don't trust our coaching compared to their coaching.

As surprising as this sounds, Boston has a hard time matching up with us. We saw it last season. Even in the game they won, it took a Ray Allen 3 to beat us.

Don't get excited about Jermaine O'Neale being out. He's awful. Erden is much better player - he's just still acclimating to the NBA. But he's no threat to Gasol

It's my opinion that Rondo's emergence puts them on a different level. Plus they have some serious depth.

If Kendrick Perkins doesn't get hurt, Boston wins game 7 v.s. The Lakers a few months ago. A better Lakers team than 2008. And barring injuries, Boston will be in the finals again this year

After watching the Dallas game, I think it's safe to say that this game is going to be a bit painful for the Griz.

Boston is good but if both teams play at their highest level the Grizz should win.

This is a L like always we need all not 4 not 2 or 3 of our starter to have a moster game if one is off we are gonna loss because all OUR backups are garbage and X is to young to help. Celtics win by 24.

Boston is just too good for Miami. And it's not going to get much better with time. They're putting it on them in the 1st half. Boston SHOULD beat us, but anything can happen.

I actually feel we have alot better chance beating the Heat than the C's. The Heat have incredibly hard time guarding the paint which is where the Griz basically live.

Man, this is scary. The Celtics look unbeatable last night. Hopefully the Griz match up better than the Heat do. The Heat has one of the best defenses in the league. What's going to happen to a team like the Griz who give like the 5th most points per game in the league. Idk.

DOn't worry about Ray Allen. Every time he goes off like he did last night he has a bad game

Is easy to beat the heat all you need is good point guard and thats it.They cannot stop good PGs.

The Celtics is all about Defense and we have to play young they are slow with their starting 5 we have run and beat them early.

Pierce It's been a pleasure to bring my talents to south beach now on to Memphis ..

He actually said that? Wow. Just wow. I guess he thought his 25 points, 0 rebounds, 0 steals, 1 assist, and 5 fouls was SOOOO amazing. Just wait until the old fart has to go up against Rudy.

I hope we beat the crap out of his team. Between this and KG's disgraceful comments, the Cs are quickly becoming the most hated team in the NBA simply due to the things they SAY.

He was actually making fun of Lebron with the tweet.

Well, its the "Memphis" part of his comment that is upsetting to me. Either way, it was just a pompous, rude comment on Pierce's part. He's acting like the Miami game was an easy win, and Memphis is his next "victim".

You guys are just looking for things now. What is insulting about the phrase "on to Memphis"??? He didn't say he was coming to Memphis to kill puppies or urinate on the House of the Rising Sun at Graceland.

Boston is a heck of a team, its gonna take all we've got mixed with an off night from them for us to pull out a W. Its certainly possible though...

Boston usually has a good amount of fans in the stands, even when they were bad they had a pretty vocal group cheering them on here.

I'm just hoping at least half of the people in stands AREN'T wearing green.

There's quite a few green shirts in the audience...extremely noticeable...

Pretty close early. We need to keep Glen Davis and co out of the paint. He can't get layups like that.

Look at all those green shirts in the crowd. What a bunch of wannabe self-hating losers. What, do they think cheering for another city's team makes them better than everyone else?

Hollins saving Marc to play against Shaq. Do you want Shaq breaking Thabeet in half? (Don't answer that!

TA may make the occasional boneheaded play, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the energy he brings to both ends of the court.

And again with the cheering for the Celtics. I know I'm being pigheaded and repetative about this, but that just pisses me off to no end. Where is their sense of pride? More concerned with fitting in than standing up for their city and themselves. Pathetic.

Guard the midget!!

When I see Shaq, I can't forgot him singing on Beyonce. That video was awesome

The C's are the best team in the East right now Imo.

Allen missed a layup. Plays like that will send TA back to the bench for much longer.

If you just focus on the Celtics for a couple of minutes, you'll see a really good team that also happens to have highly skilled players. But the team part is what matters.

Wow Celts get away with a lot of reaching but the refs have to punish the rookie.

Can't stand Rondo....ever since he tackled Hinrich a few years back.....he's just a punk....with talent. And I can't take it.

Little disappointed with all the LOUD Celtic fans

I bet the Celtics feel like they're playing at home.

I know.....what a bunch of losers in the stands cheering for Boston.....that's just pathetic...they'll be cheering for LA too when they come here....darn Kobe lovers...So much for homecourt advantage..

Great D by TAllen- ugly ugly everything else

T Allen isn't a smart player, is he?

Lotsa MISSED layups .... Maybe too excited to play against his former squad ...

He must be excited every game then

RUdy just showed P double his talents were not respected in Memphis !

Pierce brought his talents to Memphis but Rudy Gay just rejected them.

Coach really needs to dig in his HUBIE book of cuss words during this time out ... These boys need to quit playing to NOT lose and PLAY to WIN !!!

Does ray Allen ever miss

Ray Allen shouldn't be allowed to play in this league.
It's just not fair.

Celtics got so many weapons

If there is OT Grizz are going to win. Now use our youth and speed to run 'em out of the gym.

MEmphis color commentator: "With 600 years of experience on the floor, you'd think (Boston) would get a better shot."

Ray Allen needs to sit down!!!!!

As long as Allen is shooting like this, Celtics are East champs.

Conley got clothes lined ... Calling our enforcer ... Oh wait ...

If that wasn't a flagrant I don't know what is

*Sigh* If we lose, this is going to be painful.

I hope someone clotheslines Pierce next time down the floor. C'mon Lionel, put Haddadi in and send a message.
It's worth the $25,000 fine.

Rondo blatant travelling - ignored. Pierce high tackle on Conley - ignored. We're playing 5 on 8.

I never thought of Pierce as a dirty player.
Till now.

HOW IS PP not on his BACK yet ... Elbows and clotheslines !

You sleazy %@$@$ refs! You have to call FFs both ways or not at all. Front office has to protest this game.
What am I saying? We know the league wants the Cs to win this game.

How can that be a flagrant on Randolph when Pierce is allowed to coat hanger mike conley?

We lost tonight not because we're bad, but because Boston is too good. And a couple of BS calls in OT.

The Celtics are the defending east champions. The NBA makes sure the officials let them win. These refs are being ridiculous in OT.

They are going crazy over this flagrant fouls. I don't think what Pierce did was flagrant. Maybe technically, but it was with malice. It was an intentional foul to stop the break.
Z-Bo's was a flagrant. He was getting him back for Pierce on Conley and just Garnett's mouth and play in general.

I'm sorry, but OJ needs to benched or traded. He had a big part in this loss with those crucial misses down the stretch.

Rudy too. And Mike. Ugh just too many inconsistent players for my liking. Throw Marc, and TA in there also.

Throw the whole squad in there screw it

Keep Rudy, and get rid of everyone else

Rudy is the only player worth keeping. I would just trade Gasol and Mayo for draft picks like the heat did with Beasley.

There is no need to blame the refs. And if OJ failed Rudy did also in crucial time. Poor execution by our 2 main shooters in OT costs Grizzlies the game.

Rudy didn't play well till the end of the game. Or better yet he wasn't really involved till the end of the game.

Neither did Ray Allen. You see how it ended for him. But then again, I like the guy, but I'm not sure he's human

There are a lot of punks in the crowd cheering for the wrong team. Something I can't stand about Memphis.

It greatly annoys me that the Grizzlies are the only team in the NBA that has 82 away games on their schedule.

Good win for the C's. Just could have been executed with an ounce of class outside of Ray.Good win for the C's. Just could have been executed with an ounce of class outside of Ray.

Expecting class from Boston is like expecting Thabeet to produce. You want it to happen but it just aint there.