Comments From the Other Side - Bucks 11/3

The prevailing sentiment on the Bucks boards in this one was a universal hatred for KG, Pierce and Big Baby. Everybody loves Rondo, however. Bucks fans don't really like their team very much. There was a lot of Salmons, Jennings, and Gooden bashing throughout the comments. It amazed me that they felt that Bogut was completely innocent in that scuffle with KG and that KG should have been ejected while Bogut should get a medal.  Hope you enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side....

Man, I just cannot wait to see what Drew Gooden can do against KG!

This could be bad.

We're on ESPN, so it's a guaranteed loss.

I don't think it's impossible that we win, I'd give us a 33% chance

I have a feeling we might just bounce back.

I hate to say it but I think we lose big. Rondo has been amazing setting up everyone on the team for easy shots, and we have very little team chemistry.

This will be a blowout. Doubt we score even 75

A win in a game like this would be huge. It could be just the spark we need to get the chemistry going and get this thing pointed in the right direction.

I expect a win, or at least a huge effort to win

I expect Bogut to put up 26/12/4blks tonight. Shaq is out, and JO/Big Baby are going to get destroyed by Bogut.

I hope KG doesn't tell Bogut that he looks like a Kiwi or a Pom. That would be wrong

Like KG even knows what those are...

Rondo might be the most fun player to watch in the NBA And he’s also good, which always comes in handy. I think Brandon will struggle a bit against him, but I also think he’ll have to step up for the Bucks to win.

I love Rondo's game. Steals and assists is all that guy seems to care about – and he has some great old-school moves on the offensive end.

Salmons not playing like crap is a good sign

I hate that call with a passion, Pierce jumped into Gooden so what if he left his feet, who created the contact?

Very Paul Pierce of him to do that.

If they gave you a point for hitting the rim, we'd win by a 100

I would love for Garnett to get in Brockman's face. I would pay money to watch that fight.

KG such a girl. He needs to be smack over once really good and he never act like that again.

I have to say I like Doc Rivers... But that ironic smile piss me off.

JO playing like he found a time machine.

The Celtic can turn up the heat on defense and lock this down. Don't get your Fear the Deer pon poms out just yet...

Rondo is embarrassing Jennings right now in every sense of the game.

And lucky for Jennings, Rondo hasn't played that good (by his standards).

Jon Barry is a **** idiot. The guy just makes fun of every player/team he feels like and laughs like he was some sort of NBA great.

You can do that when you dad was the best underhand free throw shooter of all time I guess

I have a feeling the Celtics will step up when they need to, but it would be so huge to steal one here. I don't want to start 1-4.

Gooden punching KG in the face would probably do more for us winning than anything he could do on the court

Sure would have been nice to get the 4th on Big Flabby early.

Refs giving Rondo a hard time tonight.

Wow Jennings looks like he is on some drug I mean all he does is dribble they stand around so much

Rondo makes alot of very good point guards look bad.

Hammer him Gooden or somebody... Don't just let Rondo blow by 3 of you under the basket and score an uncontested

Celtics actually getting called for fouls?

Big Baby has some of the dumbest reactions I've ever seen.

Big Baby is annoying the heck out of me. His big mouth wide open every time he gets called for a foul. Fat slob is only cocky because of the players around him. Besides his corner J when he's wide open, this guy is overrated.

Davis is a fouling machine. He's the Bucks MVP tonight.

Rondo is so good, damn.

Rondo is probably the best PG in the NBA right now

Garnett is such a dirty player.

I've never hated a player as much as I hate Garnett.

KG, swing and run

I might hate KG more than LeBron.

Boston is a very good team. The Celtics players think they're the BEST team in the history of the NBA. That's how they act.

Glad Bogut didn't back down. Hope somebody knocks out KG some day.

Bogut should of just slugged KG Kermit Washington style

Skiles is obviously speaking French so that the refs won't understand him and T him up.

The NBA is such a fricken Joke. The calls that Garnett got are such bull. That was a flagrant push as well. Total BS

Time for hack-a-Rondo

I hate how Kevin Garnett tries to disguise all of his dirty plays. He knew exactly what he was doing then when he threw that elbow, that's why he raised both of his hands in the air straight away so when Bogut responded it would look like he did nothing wrong. Dirty scumbag.

I will be rooting for MIAMI over Boston and LA this year. I am sick of the refs handing them games

We're playing 8 on 5 these final 5 seconds.

Anybody who says that Doc Rivers is a good coach, Compare and Contrast the final possesion plays by Skiles and Doc.

Ray Allen travels constantly

I actually like the Celtics minus KG. They play hard. KG just ruins them.

Maggette is as good for the Celtics as the Celtics bigs are for Milwaukee.

Can't wait to face the Celtics in the playoffs

I love Bogut, and I never expect him to make FT's, but he's basically the opposite of clutch.

Big Baby is awful and thinks he's some All Star.

I hate KG more but Pierce I think could challenge him

Man, I hate the Celtics. KG is a big baby. Big Baby is a big baby. Pierce has played 900 NBA games and has never committed a foul — at least in his own mind.

I wanted this win soooo much. The Celtics just get my blood boiling. To be that close and then to have our hopes crushed in the end is just plane cruel