The Return of KG!

He may be older, he may a step slower and he may even have to adjust his displays of emotion on the court, but one thing Kevin Garnett is not, is done.

His journey as a Celtic has been quite an interesting one over the course of his three seasons in green, from reaching the mountain top in 2008, to suffering a serious knee injury which prevented the Celtics from repeating in 2009 to fighting his way back and helping put the Celtics within 4 minutes of a championship last season. One thing certainly has not changed regardless of whether the Celtics were dominating opponents or struggling to regain their championship form; Garnett's determination to do whatever it takes to win.

While there are so many story lines going into this season, which is headlined by tonight's Miami at Boston match-up, one thing that is not being talked about all that much is Garnett being healthy again.  A healthy KG with the vision and feeling of losing game seven in LA in the back of his mind and in the pit of his stomach at all times makes him a very dangerous player for opponents to have to deal with.

One of the most motivated and passionate athletes that has ever played in the NBA, who throughout his career has been loyal and unselfishness to a fault is back, and tonight it is time to "check ball."

Between his workouts, his love of competition and the fact that he spent some serious time sitting in a dark room following the finals heartbreak I would be shocked if Kevin Garnett did not have an impactful season for the Boston Celtics on their journey towards banner eighteen.  Some nights he will be the mismatch the Celtics go to on the post and on others it will be the pick n pop game, but one thing the basketball universe can bank on is that he will be bringing it every night on the defensive end and on the glass.

KG knows where the Celtics came up short last season, and as along as his knee stands up to the pounding he will do everything and more to make sure the Celtics get one more shot at the title and it starts tonight.  Chris Bosh better be ready because tonight marks the return of KG.  LETS GO!!!