Random Thoughts as We Await the Opener

As I was working on the game thread last night I realized how excited I really am for this season to start. And then this morning, I turned on my computer to find this video on CelticsBlog and it gave me goosebumps all over.

From what I have watched of the Heat games in the preseason, I get the impression that their starters are going to have to play big minutes for them to pull out some wins. I know you can't judge a lot by the preseason, but if they have to play LeBron big minutes in the preseason and he scores close to 40 points in that preseason game and they still lose, they have a few problems. Granted, Wade wasn't playing but still, their bench seems kind of weak.

I was thinking when I saw that the NBA banned the shoes that claimed they could help players jump higher that it was a shame that Big Baby couldn't get a pair. Watching him in the preseason, I was thinking that he must get blocked more than any player in the league. Then I went to hoopdata and found out that Big Baby did get his shots blocked more than any player in the league. Last season he had 17% of his shots blocked, which was the highest percentage in the league. If any player could use shoes to help him jump higher it is Big Baby! Speaking of Big Baby, I came across a hilarious video on CSNNE. It is from the Shamrock Gala last night and Big Baby and Delonte are having a dance off. It's hilarious.

The cuts have been made and Von Wafer beat out Lasme for that final spot. I thought that Lasme would fill more of a void on the team than Wafer. Lasme brings size, athleticism, defense, and a back up for Pierce/Daniels. But, I have faith that Danny and Doc know what the team needs more than me. They are there day in and day out and see them in practice and on the court and if they feel that Wafer is a better fit, then I'm good with that. Besides, Lasme isn't going far. He'll be with the Red Claws as long as another team doesn't pick him up. I also have a feeling that the Tiny Gallon signing was just to get him on the Red Claws.

Speaking of cuts, I read where Adam Morrison was cut from the Wizards.  Considering he was the 3rd pick in the draft, I think we can officially put bust after his name.   I'm so glad that Danny didn't give in to his desire for a shooter to the point where he took Morrison.  Then I might question his sanity... or at least his judgement.  

I'm reading Evergreen by Dan Shaugnessy and there are a lot of quotes about what made the 60's Celtics so dominant. One thing mentioned was that Red Auerbach set up the Celtics as a team. There were no individuals. Every player had a role and they played that role to perfection. The Celtics never had scoring champions. They had a group of players who played for the good of the whole. It was ubuntu before we knew what ubuntu was. Another thing that was mentioned was that the players all genuinely liked each other and they had fun together and they did things as a group. I see so many parallels between those teams of the 60's and this Celtics team. I know a team will never win 8 championships in a row again. But, I do think that this team has what is takes to win it all this season.

Celtics Pride. Celtics Mystique. The Celtic Way. Call it what you want, but it is back and in full force. I am so excited for this season I can hardly stand it. Just a few more days and we get to see the Celtics play for real. Banner 18. It's all about 18. I can't wait.