Comments From the Other Side - Sixers 10/12

 There were more Sixers fans chatting on the boards last night than there were for the first game between these teams.   But still, Sixers fans don't seem to be all that into their team this preseason.  The first game, it was understandable that they were more interested in the Phillies' no hitter in the baseball playoffs and the game wasn't on national TV.  But last night, there was a little more interest, but not a lot more.  But then with their starters barely beating the Celtics 3rd string, who can blame them for being a little discouraged.   Usually the comments aren't as much fun when we lose, but I think this may be an exception. 

Another loss but I want to see some competitiveness. I want to see jrue snap out of this funk and not get embarrased by rondo again.

God I hope NBA TV streams the Philly feed, I don't know that I could put up with an evening of tommy heinsohn without throwing something at the screen, maybe just mute and put on audioleague pass, any other suggestions

My roomates a Celtics fan. Last week was shameful to watch and I got a lot of **** for it. C'mon sixers, stop being so pathetic and compete with these old farts.

Starting lineup is whatever at this point. Development and ping pong balls competitive basketball, baby!

Jermaine and Shaq may be old, but they can still dominate our Lou Williams clone at the forward spot.

We have the Boston feed UGH! There commentators annoy me.

Wow the Celtics didnt start any of their starters, I know the sixers are bad but thats a little direspectful. I want the sixers to win now.

Poor dre had to play the whole 1st quarter against the Celtics bench.

Well hard to look too far into this one so far considering were playing the Celtics bench lol. But overall I don’t think we look so bad

So this triple guard thing shouldn't stick around for the actual season, right?

Only if were playing a team full of nate robinsons

I like how Jermain O'neal gets 7 rebounds in 8 minutes. Brand and Young have zero defensive rebounds in 28 minutes and we are only down by one.

I just saw Thad Young break a sweat on D. Mark it down. He’s playing kinda well. Wow. Admittedly, it’s against the Celtics’ third string, but still…

Not thrilled to keep hearing over and over that we are struggling against the Celts 'C's'....

Uh, can anybody contest the scrub big Harangody?

When Marquis Daniels is able to get to the basket at will, that should be an indicator for how bad our interior defense is gonna be.

LMAO nate Robinson pegged the **** out of ET, and glen Davis is a fat slob

How many CHARGES must be called against the 76ers? It’s bailing out HORRIBLE perimeter defense in Boston.

I’m glad to see the chucker Nate Robinson having a field day against us.

Well, at least we didn't lose to Boston's scrub lineup....that's about all I can say.

This is a joke the only reason the Sixers are in this game is because the big 3 haven't played this team ****en sucks. Their just playing against the scrubs if Boston goes full strength they will get blown out easily.

I've never been more depressed about a win in my life.  Their second string was soundly beating our starters.  They had to put in the 3rd string and some of those won't even make their team for us to win.  It's going to be a looooonng  season.  

And overall, it was an epic come from behind win against Boston's 3rd string, after their second string was handing it to our starters.