Comments From the Other Side - Knicks 10/29

After a sluggish start and yet another let down in the 4th quarter, I was glad to see the Celtics pull this one out.    There was no shortage of Knicks fans chatting in this one.  A few observations:   First, the prevailing attitude about the Celtics on just about every board is that the Celtics are very old and if you run, they will retreat to their wheelchairs and geritol.   Second, Knicks fans aren't that enthused about Bill Walker so maybe the deal for Nate wasn't so bad after all.   Third,  there was a lot of anger toward the refs.  I didn't think the refs were that one sided but Knicks fans seemed to think so.  I do agree that the technical on Chandler was ridiculous and I saw the Celtics get away with making faces and things they don't usually get away with after a call.  So maybe they did have a point.  Finally,  everybody loves Rondo.    And, now , without further ado, enjoy this edition of Comments....

It's going to be a rough game for everyone, primarily Timofey and Felton.
Garnett will give Amar'e fits as well.

Maybe KG will get ejected again lol.

I just can't imagine that we will beat the Celtics in Boston tomorrow. They are a much better and more experienced team that will expose our team's weaknesses.

I didn't expect Cleveland to be them either, thats why you play the game

I don't expect to win this one.

Great test against one of the best defenses in the league.. Cant wait for the game..

After loosing to Cavs ... I don`t see how we may win this. It will be redemption time for them

Rondo is a killer and I love his game. He is the most unselfish player in the NBA and I think the most valuable player on the Celts.

Rando reminds me more and more of young J Kidd. Insane rebouder, defender, amazing court sense, and no J.

Let's run them out of the building because they are too old and too slow.

Jermaine O'Neil
Glen Big Baby
Marquis Daniels
Delonte West
Damn...that's a very deep in the world is our bench going to get a rebound or a shot in the paint...

This is going to be the C's 3rd game in 4 nights. At their age they are going to be tired. If we can run on them it will give us a major advantage.

I have a bad feeling that Marquise Daniels is going to hurt us tonight

The good news is that Shaq has never received the notorious all star treatment from refs his entire career so I think they will let those guys bang a little bit...I hope...

Rondo is going to abuse felton and amare will abuse KG

There's Kevin and Rajon and Paul
And Ray Ray but that isn't all
Jermaine, Nate, and Shaq
Add to the attack
Yet still there is only one ball

How can we beat this team? What do we need to do to get a win?

By scoring more than them

The guy that I'm most worried about is Baby Davis. Wilson Chandler is really going to have to box this guy out in the paint and not let him get those offensive boards and layups.

I bet Shaq has a field day against us. I can see it now, Moz in foul trouble and Wilson trying to stop shaq from backing him in under the hoop.

I'm more concerned about Moz getting cut to ribbons by those enormous safety pins on Shaq's Depends.

I'm ok with hack-a-Rondo

This Celtics announcer is the most homerrific guy I have ever heard.

I hate Pierce

Me as well... he's too good.

Big Baby is killing us

Pierce may be the silkiest shooter in the NBA

Smart foul by gallo, rondo cant shoot

Boy the whistles seem pretty one sided

Refs love blowing the wistle against us.

I guess Boston is going to get all the calls tonight.

This game is only close because of the ticky tack fouls called by the refs

God I hate the Celtics, id be so happy is we blew them out

Wow... Let me see if he hits the shot... Nope. Ok, then that was a foul.... Ref's suck.

Amare has one ugly offensive game. Damn...

Now Amar'e is in black hole mode.....UGHHHH!!!!

Why is Lebron on my TV begging for me to like him?

Celtics teammates were fighting and one of them wasn't Nate Robinson?

Not to sound like a defeatist...but did anyone really expect us to win this game? I was prepared to go into the Blazer game 1-1. C's aren't gonna let themselves dip under .500.

It hurts my eyes seeing the knicks try to rebound

Mason is horrible

Instead of shooting the bball, can mason shoot himself

Unfortunately he would probably moss that shot too.

Feeling good, Celtics are not that great, once we get AR back Azibuke back can you imagine the possibilities?

This new technical rule will kill the nba...

These refs are not trying to let the Celts lose.

Rondo carrying more about getting his assist total up...passed up a open layoup

If we keep it close Boston might get tired by the fourth. Those old guys don't like running no more.

I'm beginning to hope Gallo gets traded. This coach and this Euro-hating fanbase are going to destroy him.

Your a moron...You should leave the board and go back to where ever you came from

So says the guy who thinks Walker is a great defender.

When bill walker looks better than you (gallo), that's when you know you're trash...

I like Gallo. He's better than this, but he's struggling; badly.

Bill walker on the other hand is not better than this.

Gallinari's trade value is decreasing with every game that goes by. Get it together scrubnari.

Fields was scared after hearing Shaq steps.

Every rebound. Every **** loose ball. They all go to Boston.

How Does Rondo Have More Rebounds than STAT? I love STAT but seriously...

Glen Davis does not freaking miss. Hes so efficient.

Why do the Celtics get to get in the Refs face chirping but our guys like Will get Techs for clapping their damn hands?


The ref's will make sure we're 1-1. The NBA can't be havin the knicks not be the laughing stock of the league anymore

So Davis can dance, but chandler claps and he gets a t?

Doesn't it bother anyone how the Knicks seem to have no game plan. They look like a bunch of chickens without their heads running around until somebody just chucks one up, shuts his eyes, crosses his fingers and hope it drops in! Can't somebody just drive in and kick it back out?? Stop just "running and gunning". I think that D'antoni's game plan because he may not be smart enough to actually draw up some plays!

Rondo = best PG in the nba
Rondo + jumpshot = argument for greatest of all time

Rondo is really good but until he gets a J he wont be the best

These foul calls are so one sided it's not even remotely funny...

Why isn't Mason in the game? He could definitely help us suck some more.

Someone needs to knock pierce on his ***** his is killing us with those threes

Rondo has 15 assists.. What the hell!!!!! We need a good point guard dammit!

He is amazing too bad we'll never have him.

Shaking my head at not drafting rondo

Whoever says that the Knicks are a running team has to be joking! They stand around looking lost not knowing what to do... It would help to have a real coach like Doc Rivers...

Rondo has 20 assists.

it's amazing how the game is divided into two worlds. The Knicks are playing high school basketball and the Celtics are playing regular NBA basketball, nothing too spectacular... But man how painful are those Knicks.

Wow out of all the Celtics players...big effin baby is the one thats owning us.

You guys don't watch any playoff games, do you? Baby is just a great player. People get fooled by his goofy looks, but he is just plain good.

Apparently you haven't. KG is a great player. Pierce is a great player. Allen is a great player. Baby has 1 move that he uses over the worst defender on the floor. let's see how "great" Davis is once all of the other big guys leave. That was an awful statement saying BBD is a great player.

I love how the Celtics guards crash the boards... Why the **** don't our guards do that!?

Nate is playing some good defense.

**** kg took a dip in the fountain of youth

How can lebron average more FT's than the knicks team?

Pierce needs to get an award for all the acting he has done

Garnett is such a dirty player lol

The double standard officiating in this game is beyond excuse... The ref watches Felton get hit in the mouth and ignores that. Clearly, that's not offensive foul. I wonder if these guys were brought in from the streets of Boston, the way they are officiating.

Fat baby Davis is def. The player I hate the most in the NBA. Cant stand that dude.

I dont understand the T rule. Are the C's supposed to be able to complain about everything without getting Ts?

You know its bad when pierce has 13 rebounds

I'm not surprised Pierce got knifed up back in the day.....he yaps way too much.

Rondo has 24 assist

All in all, bad officiating may have cost the Knicks a chance at the game.
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