SQ#56--The In(Camp) Crowd

Summer Quandaries #56
September 26--1 day to camp

The In(Camp) Crowd

As I yank out my 2010-11 spreadsheet and add Danny’s latest pickups, it only seems to become longer. In rough order of likelihood of sticking my latest effort (and I haven’t checked this hour) reveals:

Rajon Rondo__Ray Allen__Paul Pierce____Kevin Garnett__J. O'Neal
Nate Robinson_Von Wafer_Marquis Daniels_Glen Davis___S. O'Neal
Avery Bradley_Delonte West___________Luke Harangody_Semih Erden
______________________________________________Kendrick Perkins
________________________Tony Gaffney _____________
Jamar Smith_________________________Stephane Lasme_
___________________________________Chris Johnson_

This effort is always complicated by multi-position players, and the Celtics have several. Avery Bradley and Delonte West are PG/SG combo guards. Tony Gaffney can defend the 2, 3, or 4. Luke may be able to play the three (or maybe that is just a hope). Marquis Daniels can play the two or three and was even pushed into the one last year. If Marquis went down we might find out if Wafer can fill in at the three. Jermaine could play the four, Garnett and even Davis can spot at center, and in a pinch Ray and Paul can cover for each other.

This flexibility adds depth to a team that is already three deep at most positions. You can’t play but five at a time but as has often been noted, the Celtics are rich in players who will need limited minutes and the occasional game off. Doc has got his work cut out for him and we get to be the interested and vested bystanders. Monday will be fluff but come Tuesday the good stuff starts.