SQ#47--Now That’s a Little Scary

Summer Quandaries #47
September 17--10 days to camp

Now That’s a Little Scary

With a grateful head nod to FLCeltsFan for her always appreciated Daily Links, as I read this article last week, I kept returning to one point. The line grabbed me in passing and the more I thought about it the more it reverberated.

From WEEI columnist Paul Flannery:

“That leaves Wafer, West and Daniels to fill in behind Ray Allen and Paul Pierce and in recent years finding capable backups to the veteran stars has been an issue.

Wafer has shown he can score, but his defense needs work as he acknowledged earlier this summer.

West can play both guard spots, but he will serve 10-game suspension to start the season and his problems last season have been well-documented.

Daniels, meanwhile, is capable of doing a lot of things, and he is just as capable of merely filling space while he is out on the court. Of the three, Daniels might be the biggest X-factor.”

Now think about that for a minute.
Von Wafer has been thrown out of a playoff game by his own coach, never saw a shot he didn’t like, managed to reach a point of mutual disenchantment with a Greek coach after wearing out his welcome in the States, insists on going one-on-one in spite of a suspect handle, has bounced from team and failed to stick in Houston despite scoring in bunches, and eschews defense although he is trying to earn a spot on a team that prizes defensive effort. Delonte West is decidedly one handed, was injured for much of every season in his first stay with the Celtics, has missed significant time with personal problems (usually reported as depression), was the subject of a tawdry rumor concerning an affair with the mother of his superstar teammate, pleaded guilty to and will be serving a 10-game suspension for charges stemming from being stopped on a freeway with armament suitable for a starring role in a remake of Desperado, and will be undergoing treatment for bipolar disorder. And Daniels might be the biggest X-factor?

If you measure size of X-factor as the distance between net minus and net positive, all I can think is that Flannery must have a huge opinion of the contribution that Marquis might make. Because if you think of the possible low points reachable by both Delonte and Von, their spread has to be starting at a point well below Daniel’s merely filling space. Actually I have high hopes for all three, but singling out Marquis as the biggest risk seems a little ludicrous.