Nate Robinson Honored

On Friday afternoon, Rainier Beach High School retired Nate Robinson's #2 jersey in front of a crowd of students, family and friends.  One of those friends was the Hawks' Jamal Crawford, who also attended Rainier Beach High School.  Crawford had this to say about the Celtics' diminutive guard:
"There are a lot of stars who forget about the little people who get so high up on their horse that they forget about the little people.  Well, Nate is little, so he can't forget about the little people."
The stories told were of a person who gives much of himself to others especially when the cameras are off.  One story that caught my attention was this one told by Ron Howard, former Seattle Seahawk and current member of the Rainier Beach coaching staff, about a trip the team took for a basketball tournament.
"All of the players were at a store buying Timberland boots. One player didn't have enough money. Robinson took up a collection to make sure his teammate could get a pair of shoes."
Not only was Nate a high school basketball star, but he was also a high school football star.  Check out some amazing basketball and football highlights from Nate's high school career after the jump..