If you don't know basketball, don't talk basketball

"He's not that good. He's not that important. Eminently replaceable."
That was Andy Gresh on CSNNE Sports Tonight describing Kendrick Perkins after Perk said in his SLAM interview that he wants to be a Celtic for life. Didn't even know who that portly guy was until I had to research his name to give him credit for that asinine quote (Which was probably the reason he made it). What is it about Boston media members and their need to be blowhards? His buddy to the left Gary Tanguay doesn't shy from this sort of talk either. I love how he made 3 guarantees last Summer: 'Sheed to Boston, Baby to San Antonio and Grant Hill to Boston. One came true and he's been bragging about it ever since (If you're local you can see his "I told you it would happen and it did" commercial still playing on CSNNE). Don't even get me started on Shank Shaughnessy or the Big Show clowns.

Not all Boston media members are horrible. I loved Marc Spears while he was here. Michael Holley is fine and Jessica Camerato and A. Sherrod Blakely are both good. Jackie MacMullan is also one of the best in the business. Not to stereotype, but for one reason or another it seems that almost all of the loud mouth idiots in the Boston Media tend to be white males. I could see someone bitching about that line in the comments section, but oh well.

So regarding Any Gresh's statement, I just wonder does he watch Celtics basketball? Does he know that the Celtics haven't won a playoff game in the past three years without Perkins? Is he aware that basketball is more than offensive numbers? Who is Perkins so replaceable with? Who's as good a defensive center in the league and who will also happen to be available next Summer for the Celtics to bring in? Part of the reason this stuff bothers me is that many fans listen to the garbage these blowhards spit out. Maybe they do it, so they can get good ratings and hold on to their job. Well all I have to say about Andy Gresh is "You're not any that good. You're not that important. Eminently replaceable."