I Miss the Celtics

I miss the Celtics. I miss the battles on the hardwood, pre-games, and post-games. I miss Tommy and Mike Gorman, and yes even Greg Dickerson. I miss the rush of adrenaline that each contest provides. I miss knowing that at the end of a long day of school and work the C's will be there for me to watch at night.

I miss Ray Allen. I miss him pulling up and hitting three-pointers in transition. I miss his silky smooth jumper and hot streaks matched by almost no one in the league.

I miss Paul Pierce. I miss the captain and I miss the Truth. I miss his trademark turn-around elbow jumper. I miss his fist pump after hitting a clutch shot. I miss his aggressive drives to the rim and intensity on defense. I even miss his dice-roll handshake after a big play.

I miss KG. I miss him banging his head against the base of the basket before games. I miss his backdoor oop off of Rondo's alley lob. I miss him crawling on the floor screaming at his teammates in the fourth quarter of a blowout win.

I miss Rondo. I miss his ridiculous ball fakes, awe inspiring passes, and Cousyesque ball-handling ability. I miss him pestering opposing point guards and forcing turnovers.

I miss Perk. I miss his glare. I miss his scrappy play cleaning up boards and setting countless screens. I miss his strong interior defense, limiting superstars like Dwight Howard. I miss hearing his interviews after games, he always tells it how it is.

I miss Doc. I miss his motivational "We've got to do it together" pre-game and timeout speeches. I miss the way he treats refs. I miss the yelling, the cold shoulder, and the Doc sarcastic laugh with arms crossed.

I miss the bench. I miss Big Baby's hustle and effort plays on the offensive end, and I miss Nate's knock down outside shooting. I miss Scal's hair and his energy on the sidelines.

I miss the Celtics.