Bradley Gets High Ratings from Peers has published it's Rookie survey where rookies are asked to rank their peers in various categories.  Celtics rookie Avery Bradley got a lot of respect from his fellow rookies.  Even Luke Harangody got a little love.

On the question of which rookie will have the best career,  neither Avery Bradley or Luke  Harangody were in the top 6, but they were both in the group of other players receiving votes.  Both Harangody and Bradlery were also among those getting votes for the most overlooked rookie. 

When asked which rookie is the most athletic, not surprisingly, Harangody didn't get any mention.  Bradley, however was ranked 5th along with Blake Griffin of the Clippers and Eliot Williams of Portland.   Bradley also got votes for best shooter of the rookie class, as well as for best playmaker. 

It was the question "which rookie is the best defender," that Avery Bradley dominated, though.  On this question, Bradley got 41.7% of the votes from his fellow rookies.   Bradley is just 6'2", but has a 6'7" wingspan, which helps him to guard bigger players.  And, let's not forget that going into college, Bradley was ranked above Wall.  Playing in a system that didn't fit him well along with an ankle injury that limited his pre-draft workouts allowed him to drop to the Celtics at 19.  Most analysts agree that Bradly had NBA ready defensive skills.   Who knows, Doc may even play him and give him a chance to display some of those skills.