SQ #8--Perkins Questions

Summer Quandaries #8
Aug 8—53 Days to camp

Perkins Questions

Recently Ryan Fagan solicited questions for an interview with Kendrick Perkins for a Sporting News article to appear this fall. I shot off the following five to which I would have really liked to hear the answers. They actually used one in the interview but Kendrick’s answer did not make the cut for their article. Ryan was nice enough to send the me Perkins’ response and permission to use it if I cited Sporting News. First the questions:

1) Who was Clifford Ray more important for, you or Al Jefferson, and why?

2) There are two new centers on the Celtics this year, can you see yourself playing some power forward alongside either of them?

3) Like many good players you have returned each season, at least those you didn't spend the off season recuperating, with a new weapon developed for your arsenal. What do you think your next addition will be?

4) In the war in the paint you spend a good deal of time clashing with giants. Have you thought about, practiced, tried, or will try "pulling the chair" on some of these power guys that smash into you to create space to shoot?

They did submit #1, Kendrick’s answer:

PERKINS: Clifford Ray has been more important for me. And he’s not only been important for me, but he’s important for the team. Clifford Ray is one of the coaches that everybody loves. He always brings a spark to our team and he’s a great guy to be around. I’m just happy that we have him around. He helps my defense a ton. He stays on me about rebounding; I rebound the ball well and that’s because of Clifford. And he also stays on me about blocking shots and touch—he always wants me to shoot the short jump shots. He works with me on a lot of things, on my post-ups, too. He’s just a fun guy, a great guy to be around.

I sure do wonder how he would have responded to the others.