Will Rondo get cut from Team USA?

Rajon Rondo landed about an hour ago in Vegas and is ready for USA Basketball tryouts. One would think after being one of the elite performers in this past Sping's playoffs and with all the Redeem Team dropouts that "tryouts" for Rajon are just a formality. Not according to ESPN's Chris Sheridan, who is predicting that Rajon won't make the cut:
In five weeks, Team USA's roster will be set.
The 22 players who reported for the start of minicamp Tuesday will have been cut down to 12, and the Americans will begin their quest to win the FIBA World Championship for the first time since 1994...

Here is my best guess at the composition of the squad (and although it is an early guess, it is an educated one based partly on conversations with various NBA and USA Basketball officials, partly on my own experience having covered Team USA at every major international basketball competition since 1996):

Chauncey Billups, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Tyreke Evans, Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry.

Cuts: Rajon Rondo (free throw inaccuracy), Eric Gordon (loses designated shooter role to Curry), O.J. Mayo (superfluous).
First of all (said in my Barkley voice), I'm surprised Sheridan lists Kevin Durant as a guard. Besides that I just don't see any of those other guys as better players than Rondo. He's the truest point guard of the bunch in my opinion. What's yours?