Rebuilding A Winner

By now, we all know how it feels like to exceed everybody else's expectations, make an inspiring Playoffs and Finals run, only to lose in the end to our bitter rivals.

Add to that the air of uncertainty surrounding the future of our players in these coming days (as well as where 'dem guys - LeBron, D-Wade and Bosh are gonna end up with and we hope, not together) and if you are like me, you'd rather convince yourself you're not interested in these things and kill the painful sensation by watching the World Cup, WWE, baseball or any other sport that seems worthwhile - if only for the time being.

After all, how do you come back strong, after losing in the NBA Finals by just a thin strand of hair?

We don't have to argue whether that strand's from Perk, Crawford or Stern.

The Lakers managed to do it after we showed them our rendition of the Boston Massacre in that Game 6 of '08. They bounced back in '09 with the title. But please ... the Magic literally handed it to them in a silver platter.

Our scenario is different. Way different. And the rebuilding process this summer, to me, is the heaviest that DA and the Celtics Nation has to handle.

Because while there are stat sheets and solid figures we can bank on, there are also the intangibles and things you don't expect could pop up within the season.

So how do you balance youth and aging experience? How do you manage to hold the fort without your starting center? The Big 3 have been great but can they still play big? Do we want them because they can give us another deep playoff run and possibly, another trip to the Finals, or do we want them because of the "sentimental value" they represent?

These are tough calls to make, tougher than Crawford's, and while I have my own opinions in each angle, I'd really not want to be Danny Ainge or any of the top management at this stage.

But I hope that they'd all realize that they're not just rebuilding any team. They're rebuilding the Boston Celtics. They're rebuilding a winner.

And one that knows how to win with class, passion and style.

I hope these guys on top don't forget that since 2000, the Lakers have won 5 titles already and are creeping closer to matching our prestigious position of being the franchise with the most number of championships.

And up to now, I'm still hearing from my purple and gold friends and fiends that they're gonna do it again next year 'coz they know how to make the right decisions and lady luck is on their side, compared to Beantown, who - besides winning the '08 title, has been suffering a major draught for more than two decades. They tell me we'll get it again after some 20 plus years.

Thankfully, I've managed to be civil and have kept my decent smile in check.

The Celtics have left us a legacy of champions. A legacy of winners. We did it in 2008 as a team, together. We fell short in 2010, but that doesn't erase the fact that we are winners. And if this ballclub is ever going to have another shot at Banner 18, DA and Co. have to realize that they are rebuilding a winner.

With a genuine fan base that's bleeding green until the very end.

It feels good to know that Doc Rivers is coming back and honoring the final year of his contract. One piece of the puzzle is back in its place.

In the meantime, let me check back with John Cena and his upcoming Money in the Bank match.