Lebron not taking less money to go to Miami

Turns out the whole "sacrifice" bit was all for show. Based on the fact that Florida has no state income tax, LeDiva will actually be taking in slightly more in Miami then he would of in Cleveland. Additionally Lebron was able to get the full 6 year contract in the end with an early termination clause after four years (which will allow him to get an even bigger contract then). Also it should be noted that proceeds from the whole Lebron Felatio Fest ESPN one hour special are not all going to the Boys and Girls Club as previously reported. A "portion" of the proceeds are going there. As for the rest? Who knows. It also turns out that Lebron and his cronies may have paid off Jim Gray to play nice during the interview. Lastly, as Sports by Brooks points out, Lebron's new website has a strange donation button at the very top of the home page.
With all that in mind, I think I may hold off on clicking the “donate” button on James’ official website. That “donate” button leads straight to a paypal.com payment page for something called the, “LeBron James Family Foundation.” No description of exactly what that is is provided on the page or anywhere on James’ website.
I'm leaning to passing on the whole donate money to Lebron's family and cronies thing (Latrell Sprewell and his family would be a decent alternative), but you can find out my final "decision" on Thursday night at 9:00 on a public access station to be named later.

p.s. I'd love to write about something other than Lebron. If Danny would just do as I ask and trade for Rudy, Beasley, or Big Al it would make for a much more fun Celtics Life experience.