Doc on Replacing Thibodeau, Summer of LeBron

Rivers, Ainge and former Nets coach, Lawrence Frank, could be found talking together during Boston's 86-69 Summer League loss to Philadelphia yesterday.

With Tom Thibodeau's leaving for the Chicago Bulls, the Celtics have a need for an assistant coach. Frank would seem to fit the bill.

“He’s just a solid coach,” said Rivers. “He’s been a solid coach. He’s good with offense, good with defense. He has good knowledge. He’s somebody we’re definitely looking at.”

Frank began coaching the New Jersey Nets in 2003 and led them to the playoffs in his first four years. However, the Nets missed the post-season the next two and Frank was fired after starting last season with 16 straight losses.

While his presence alongside Danny and Doc yesterday would suggest he's a shoe-in for the job. Doc told reporters that the club is taking it's time to find Thibodeau's replacement. "I’m just talking to guys, Lawrence and about three or four other guys,” Rivers said. “I’m in no rush".

One thing Doc would like to be rushed is the Summer of LeBron.

“I do hope they do it quickly,” he said. “I’m tired of hearing about it. I mean, it’s amazing. For the first week after the season, all I got was, ‘What are you going to do?’ And then I got, ‘What is LeBron going to do?’ Like I knew."

Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade joining up in Miami is certain to affect the landscape of the East. But still, as significant as the decisions of this year's top free-agents are - it has gotten a bit ridiculous. The fact that LeBron joining twitter became major national news is a little silly. To make things even more bizarre, LeBron will get a special on ESPN tomorrow night at 9pm to announce his decision.

As America waits in anticipation, Rivers only hopes for one thing to come out of the circus, “I hope they go west”.

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