Tommy Heinsohn is awesome, blasts Kobe

In an article in today's Boston Herald which dealt with Tommy Heinsohn and Tom Sanders taking last week's Game 7 loss hard, Tommy comes through with this beautiful gem of a quote:
And Kobe, on every play, if he didn’t score he was bitching about getting hit. OK? The two most protected players in the league don’t need protection - LeBron (James) and Kobe. But Kobe, I don’t know how many times he went up in the air and came down, walked, and then passed the ball, and that never got called. And he was shooting elbows at the defender to get him out of the way.

“Now you know why I dislike him.”
Besides not wanting to see Kobe win, Tommy was also rooting against Phil Jackson, because he can't stand the verbal BS he tries to create with the officials before and during a series. Tommy is simply awesome.