Thanks Jay Bilas for Making My Summer

So I kept track of Jay Bilas and the number of times he said "wingspan."  He hit 20 right at the start of the second round.  I'm too tired to stay up beyond this but it's apparent I really underestimated it.  The line of the night was when he was so enamored with one player's wingspan he anxiously spat out "I don't know where these guys get these arms from!!"  As depressed as I was with last Thursday night's game, I found myself laughing a lot from Bilas' assessment.  Thanks Jay Bilas for making my summer.......When Doug Collins (who already looked like he aged 10 years, likely just from taking over the 76ers head coaching job) said to Stuart Scott he received a phone call notifying him that he was the first pick in the draft back in 1973, it got me thinking.  I think this whole draft and all the mentions of length, wingspan, stretching the floor, footwork, and potential has run it's course.  From now on, call the players, tell them where they were picked and publish the order in USA Today the next day.......Jon Barry did about as much preparation for this draft as I did for putting out my recyclables this week.......My most important question of the night?  Who looks like they should have less to do with the NBA, Adam Silver or this guy (and no I don't mean you Rasual Butler).