Don't Mess With Big Baby While He's Teething

It's common knowledge, Baby's are very irritable and emotional when teething. It's understandably painful, and causes a lot of slobbering. Now, what happens when a BIG BABY goes through teething? Take a look below. That is what happen: Slobbering, screaming, emotional outbursts.
All jokes aside, Big Baby, or Uno Uno, or whatever you want to call him played his heart out last night. He and the rest of the bench (Nate, TA, Sheed) did more than keep the team in the game. They won the game for Boston in the first 8 minutes of the 4th quarter with their extraordinary hustle, swarming defense, and strong finishes at the rim. Davis had 18 points in just 22:29 and really made an immediate impact after being inserted into the game. No Celtics fan can dislike a guy that plays this hard every night. He fights for loose balls, isn't afraid to attack bigger guys, and most of all, just wants to win.

Now I'm really not a fan of real babies, but man do I love Big Baby.