5 Days, 3 Games

"Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser." --Red Auerbach

It all comes down to this. In the next 5 days, the Celtics have three games in which to win twice. Some might say if the Celtics come up short that it was still a successful season, a great year. I won't be one of those people. It's been a LONG year, yet the Celtics are only 2 wins away from being NBA Champions for the 18th time. Only 2 wins away from making this Doc Rivers Celtics era a true era in Celtics history.  We win two more times and these players join the greats of Celtics past (who have all won multiple rings). We win 2 more games and Boston fans can stick a mile long tongue out at Kobe and Whistlin' Phil saying, "Kobe you never beat us," and "Phil, you're no Red." We win two more games and Doc Rivers coaching performance of this 2009/2010 goes down as one of the best in NBA history.

If we lose, I will not say its ok. I will not say, "Well we did better than most thought. Great season." Nope. I'll be pissed that the Lakers beat the celtics in the Finals and that Kobe and Phil finally beat Boston. I'll be pissed that the Lakers will have inched closer to passing the Celtics in titles (and will have to remind L.A. idiots that 5 of your titles belong to Minneapolis).  If we lose, the Bryant/Gasol team will be known as multiple winners and the Celtics will be the one hit wonders.

We have 3 games to win twice more. We do that and we're on top of the world. Hey we can even say we would have 3-peat-ed if not for the KG injury and that last year's Lakers title has a big ole asterisk. These next 5 days are HUGE. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Coming in 2nd to the Lakers is unacceptable. The Celtics don't hang Conference banners in the Garden. Never have. Never will. 5 days, 3 games. We need 2. Let's do this!