We win, my elbow's fine; We lose, it hurts

For the first time, LeBron James is acknowledging that there might actually be something significantly wrong with his elbow.

After a terrible performance in Game 5, which Cleveland lost to Boston, the Cavaliers are facing elimination and James a myriad of questions as an early exit and free agent linger.

On Wednesday, James referred to his elbow injury as "an issue I'll deal with in the offseason."
Same old song and dance. There has also been some internet rumor going around that the King with no Ring has torn ligaments in his elbow and shouldn't even be playing. According to the bogus unconfirmed rumor, Lebron had some sort of injection before game 3 and that's why he had such a great game. (Steroids what? I kid. I kid.) Also supposedly the injection can only be administered every ten days. So he can't get another one until after the Celtics eliminate him.

Look either your elbow is an issue or its not. It just doesn't sit right for everyone (announcers and the media)to say its fine after wins, but that its a MAJOR injury after losses and historical choke performances. Just my 2 cents. What's yours?