Thanks Phoenix Suns Bench for Making My Night

I've been critical of the Suns team for a large part of the season.  Frankly I didn't really think Barbosa, Admunson, Dudley, Dragic, and Frye were good ball players (with the exception of Barbosa, he's legit but I felt was being used improperly by Gentry all season long).  But they were sensational tonight.  Dragic abused Fisher on a spin move for a layup.  Frye and Dudley were hitting their 3s.  And Admunson was active on the boards.

I thought the Flakers would sweep this series.  It's now tied at 2 games apiece.

It sucked that the Celtics lost last night but I'm hopeful they can wrap it up tomorrow.  But the best remedy for a Celtics loss is a Flakers loss.  Go Suns!