Should the Celts Activate Scalabrine for Orlando?

Thinking about the upcoming series vs Orlando, I think it has to be discussed on whether the Celtics should activate Brian Scalabrine.  The two primary guys who play the 4 spot for Orlando are Rashard Lewis and Ryan Anderson.  Each of those guys is more inclined to shoot from the perimeter and put the ball on the floor rather than bang inside.  And since KG's lateral movement is probably the weakest aspect of his game right now the question to ask, should Boston activate Scal?

I'm not a huge fan of Scalabrine, but do think his ability to guard perimeter-oriented 4's is something to seriously think about.  I assume Shelden would get bumped but Doc may want Shelden for fouls with Howard.  Maybe Marquis?  Finley?  Nate?

I have a feeling Boston will stay with the roster they have used for the playoffs but my opinion would be to activate Scal and then come to a decision on who to deactivate.  I actually think he could be helpful in this series, and this series alone. So what do you think and why?