NBA Ramblings- May 6th

Anyone see the post game press conference for the Magic-Squawks Game 1?  Zaza Pachulia took the podium (I'd insert a funny joke here on how guys who finish with 12 and 6 shouldn't be invited to the podium, but then that'd be insulting KG and I don't want to do that).  He was equipped with some sort of handbag or murse.  The picture I took isn't as clear as I'd like it to be (it almost sort of looks like a lunchbox) but you get the idea.  Why is Zaza carrying this, let alone bringing it out for the public to see?  Should we call him Zaza Pursechulia?  All I can say is Zaza wears no pants, and if you don't know that reference, you haven't watched the Playoffs at all this season.......This Flakers-Jazz series is even more lopsided than I thought it'd be.  I'll say it again: while the rest of the NBA has gone small, lal having 2 legit 7 footers is considered impossible to defend.  Who would've thought having tall guys would be an advantage in the NBA.  I must thank evolution here too for reverting from it's earlier days when big guys played, since NBA players just aren't as tall as they used to be.......Did the Suns really have to wear uniforms in the playoffs that read "Los Suns"?  They did last night.  But there was a political reason behind it.  "Los Spurs" just went with "Spurs".......Speaking of the Suns, what's with the drop-off in production of Leandro Barbosa?  The Brazilian Blur is becoming the Brazilian Bum.  His minutes are down (I know he was injured this season) and his production is as well.  He's twice the player of Goran Dragic and Jared Dudley and should be playing more.  I'd say it's too early to call him a corpse, but if I was Barbosa, I'd be eager to leave Phoenix to prove he can still put up 18+ ppg as a 3rd guard, which I'm confident he can do.