The Captain needs to right his ship

The last couple days everyone has been talking about Rajon Rondo and for good reason. The performance he had Sunday was one for the ages. But are we really surprised it happened? Rondo has been amazing all year long. In fact, if there was one person I had to pick to do something like that it would be him. Rondo has carried the Celtics the entire season and it's his team now. If anyone questioned that going into Sunday's game they haven't been watching the Celtics this year. It's really that simple. Unfortunately he can't do it alone, and for the Celtics to advance the Captain needs to wake up and start playing like a former Finals MVP.

Pierce has been ineffective all series and at times has looked downright out of it. The guy is due for a big game and tonight would be the perfect time for it. I don't understand what is wrong with him. To my knowledge he's relatively healthy. He's playing against Lebron who he usually comes to play against. He's got one of the best point guards in the league feeding him the ball. Why then has he looked so downright average?

He's averaging only 11.8 points, 3 assists, and 3 rebounds this series. That's unacceptable for a former Finals MVP and captain of a championship caliber team. Sure, last game he just missed some clean looks and that can happen. But where is that consistency? He used to bring his A game every night and now it's every other game at most.

The good news is I think he can turn this around. I think tonight he scores 25 in a close Celtics victory. Paul Pierce is still our captain, still the leader of this team. I believe the Captain will right his ship and the Celtics will come away victorious.