NBA Ramblings

I really enjoyed Mike Tirico's 4 fuck-ups in the first half of the Boston-Cleveland game on Sunday.  No Mike, Delonte and Ray Allen weren't ex-teammates.  No Mike, Oklahoma City didn't lose to Boston the other night.  No Mike, Cleveland and Orlando played in the Conference Finals not the second round.  And no Mike, that wasn't LeBron with a pass to Anthony Parker underneath it was to Delonte West.  Seriously get your head out of your ass.  And did you see in the 3rd quarter when LeBron was fouled on the 3 by Tony Allen and the ball rimmed out and he groaned "ohhh" hoping for it to drop?  What a jackass.  Where's the fairness that ESPN and ABC is supposed to have?  Go ahead folks, give that stunad a vote.  And while you're at, familiarize yourself with the old scandals of Mike Tirico.  That's some funny shit my friend....Isn't it astonishing Michael Finley has played in 37 more playoff games than KG?  I guess Darrick Martin wasn't better than Nick Van Exel...Does Dan D'Antoni have any claim to fame other than being Mike's brother?  Can't he ever have the decency of wearing a shirt and tie instead of emulating the Stan Van Gundy look?  He's not even fat like Van Gundy.  You coach in the "greatest city on earth" in the "world's most famous (pathetic) arena" and you look like you just got off the treadmill and threw a coat on...Is there a more overrated player in the NBA than JJ Hickson?  Can't wait until some buffoon gives him a huge contract so he can metamorphosize into Andrea Bargnani.  Or Bean in 2013 :)  Come on Chris Wallace, where you at?!