NBA Ramblings- April 22nd

Bonehead play of the playoffs so far was Carmelo Anthony at the end of Game 2 vs Utah.  In case you missed it, he pressed full court on CJ Miles with 31 seconds left in the game and the Jazz up 1.  But he was called for a foul- which was a good call; he was overly aggressive.  It was Anthony's 6th foul plus it allowed  Miles to hit 2 free throws to push the lead up to 3.  All Denver needed was a stop, and even if it gave up a 2, would only be down 3.  Instead their best player was done for the night and for all intents and purposes, so was Denver......Speaking of the Nuggets they were able to change their culture and become a competent defensive team.  Why can't Golden State do the same is beyond me.......Don't expect "acting head coach" Adrian Dantley to have the "acting" part of his title removed anytime soon.  To be a head coach in the NBA you have to be a good people-person too.  If you saw Dantley's press conference after Game 2, you'd understand he's not.  Tom Thibodeau is not.  Doc Rivers is.  Nate McMillan is.  Expect Dantley to never have a shot at a permanent head-coaching gig, but to be better suited for a Jim Clemons-like role on the bench.......The stupidest NBA Playoff saying I ever heard was "A series doesn't start until a team wins on the road."  Well what if the home teams win all 7 games?  Like the Celtics-Hawks series from 2008.  Did that series still not start?  I believe it's been done for like, 2 years.  Who said that?  Sounds like something that would've been uttered by either Charles Oakley or Anthony Mason, two of the NBA's all-time intellectuals.