Celtics get the 19th Pick in this year's NBA Draft

Boston (50-32) won a tiebreaker with San Antonio, Oklahoma City and Portland; San Antonio then won a tie-breaker with Oklahoma City and Portland
Well #19 is better than #22 and I much prefer the Celtics to draft before the Spurs as Pop usually knows what he's doing. Don't care about what position the draftee plays, just pick the best player available Danny. Hopefully we don't end up with a Marcus Banks, Gerald Green, Gabe Pruitt, or J.R. Giddens type, or trade the pick for Sebastian Telfair.

Interesting Celtics Draft Fact: Danny Ainge's two best draftees, Al Jefferson and Rajon Rondo, were each offered to Seattle/OKC at different times for Robert Swift. As the old adage goes, "Sometimes the best trades are the ones that are not made, because the other GM was dumber than you." I think that's the adage...

A solid player should be available at #19. I haven't researched the draft much (ok at all) yet, but we'll have a ton of stuff on the draft in June. Well actually, we'll probably start not too far after the Celtics season ends. And no TB, you can not use the "Well then we're starting in a week" joke. Anyone have any guys they realistically hope will drop to #19?

Draft order via RealGM
Teams in Lottery
- Chances out of 1,000

New Jersey, 250
Minnesota, 199
Sacramento, 156
Golden State, 104
Washington, 103
Philadelphia, 53
Detroit, 53
LA Clippers, 23
New York, 22
Indiana, 11
New Orleans, 8
Memphis, 7
Toronto, 6
Houston, 5

The order for the remainder of the first round picks is as follows:

15. Chicago (To Milwaukee)
16. Charlotte (To Minnesota via Denver)
17. Milwaukee (To Chicago)
18. Miami
19. Boston
20. San Antonio
21. Oklahoma City
22. Portland
23. Utah (To Minnesota via Philadelphia)
24. Atlanta
25. Denver (To Memphis)
26. Phoenix (To Oklahoma City)
27. Dallas (To New Jersey)
28. LA Lakers (To Memphis)
29. Orlando
30. Cleveland (To Washington)

Second Round

31. New Jersey
32. Minnesota (To Oklahoma City)
33. Sacramento
34/35. Washington
34/35. Golden State
36/37. Detroit
36/37. Philadelphia (To Milwaukee)
38/39. New York
38/39. LA Clippers (To New York via Denver)
40. Indiana
41. New Orleans (To Miami)
42/43. Toronto (To Miami)
42/43. Memphis (To LA Lakers)
44. Chicago (To Portland)
45. Houston (To Minnesota)
46. Charlotte (To Phoenix)
47. Milwaukee
48. Miami
49. San Antonio
50. Oklahoma City (To Dallas)
51. Portland (To Oklahoma City via Dallas and Minnesota)
52. Boston
53. Atlanta
54. Denver (To LA Clippers)
55. Utah
56. Phoenix (To Minnesota)
57. Dallas
58. LA Lakers
59. Orlando
60. Cleveland (To Phoenix)