What kind of sports fan are you?

In America there is no such thing as second place. You are a champion or a loser and rarely is there any in between. Even if you win a title you're only a champion until the next season starts. It's a what have you done for me lately society as terrible as that sounds. Is this a good thing? In my opinion not at all. Characterizing a season as a failure if you don't win the title is absolutely ludicrous. I thought sports were created for entertainment and fun not to belittle your team for not being a champion.

You might be asking what does this have to do with the Celtics. It has everything to do with them, especially with the season they are having. Is it really that bad that we probably won't win the title this year? Are our lives worse because of this? No, the fact is whether they win the title or not our lives shouldn’t be affected. If they are maybe we should look into getting one. Look, being passionate about your team is one thing, but belittling them because they aren't the best is downright stupid.

So I ask, what kind of sports fan are you? Are you the kind that accepts only championships and sees everything else as a failure? Or are you the kind that supports your team no matter what hills or valleys they go through because you love them? I'm not saying either has to be mutually exclusive. Certainly if you love a team passionately you're going to get angry if they don't do well. But take a step back and realize that the reality is all of our teams will suck and have sucked, and that is sports.

I used to be one of the former. I remember after UNC losses it would be hard to go to school the next day. After the Patriots loss in the Super Bowl against the Giants I couldn't watch SportsCenter for 2 weeks. But then I realized getting over a sports loss is like anything else in life. It does no use to dwell on the past; you just have to move on.

As far as the Celtics are concerned think how lucky we are. Can you imagine being a Philly, Knicks, or Nets fan? What players do you get to watch on daily bases that excite you there? We get to watch in my opinion two of the most enjoyable athletes in sports, Rondo and Garnett, play every other night. Not to mention Ray Allen who I respect as much as any athlete ever. Even Rasheed, as ridiculous he is, is entertaining to say the least.

Let's all enjoy the rest of this Celtics season. Let's enjoy the fact that just 3 years ago we were enduring the worst season in Celtics history and now we get to see the Captain, KG, Ray, Rondo, and the rest of the Celtics compete for a championship again. It's not too bad of a life guys. Maybe not finishing 1st isn't so bad after all.