Welcome to Boston Nate!

A lot of Celtics fans were upset when the trade deadline passed and Boston didn't land any big names.  Sure, it would've been great to get Butler or Jamison. In fact, if we had gotten them both we probably would've won the title.  But the past is the past, and dwelling on what could have been is a waste of time.  Let's be excited that we improved our team, even if it is by the smallest of margins.

Nate Robinson has been great so far in Celtics green.  He's shot over 50% from 3 and been a huge part in their last two wins.  I really think he is a perfect fit here. In New York he didn't really have a role and a player like him needs some structure. Does anyone really pan out in New York? I'd probably shoot the ball at my own hoop too if I played there.

Robinson can put up 20 points in 15 minutes and you can't say that about many bench guys in the league. He's the type of player that is better playing 16-22 minutes than 35 minutes because he's streaky. He gives us another ball handler and shooter in the back court, as well as someone who can create havoc on the defensive side of the ball with his quickness.

I really think he will win 1 or 2  playoff games this year for us that we wouldn't have won without him.  That's what the Celtics needed right? They needed a difference making player off the bench and for everyone to get healthy.  With their full squad they have one of the deepest teams in the league.  You add Finley to the mix and the team is even deeper.

Look, I will be the first one to admit that when Nate signed I was less than pleased.  I thought it was a slap in the face that we didn't get one of the bigger names.  However, it's easy to criticize as fans, and I trust Danny enough to believe in what he is doing. I for one am going to enjoy watching this Celtics team play for the rest of the year and be content with what we have. What's the use in being bitter, right?

What do you all think about the addition of Nate?