Spurs Blow Out Celtics, 94-73

After playing a spirited first quarter which saw them up 4 after the period, Boston proceeded to get mauled by the Spurs for the rest of the game.
  • Celtics came out of the gates and played well in the first half, specifically the first quarter.  Credit to Rasheed and especially KG for playing with a lot of energy in that 1st period.  Garnett looked terrific, even blowing by Duncan on one possession.
  • Things began to change in the 2nd quarter as the reserves couldn't keep the lead and Boston actually fell behind by 10 points.
    • Interesting Tony Allen got in over Marquis again in the first half, which is when San Antonio took control of the game.  I think Marquis' ability to post up in a half-court offense really could've helped the Celtics tonight in that 2nd quarter.  Tony Allen's a fastbreak player and Finley's been relegated to basically being a perimeter shooter.  With Rasheed playing with the starters, it would've been nice to have Marquis' post-up game out there as an offensive option for the second team.
  • Shelden Williams played hard in his time as well, scoring 11 points in 11 minutes.  It's tough to give him consistent minutes though since as soon as they do, he'll begin fumbling passes. 
  • Manu Ginobili was the best player on the floor tonight.  28 points and 7 assists in 36 minutes.  Doc tried Ray Allen, Rondo, Tony Allen, Marquis and Paul on him and nothing worked.
  • Celts only shot 37% from 2's in this one and an abysmal 1-14 on 3 pointers.  That lead to a meager 30 second half points.  Won't win many games with numbers like that.
The Spurs just outplayed the Celtics for the final 3 quarters tonight, which was really disappointing considering how the C's started this one.  They beat Boston to every loose ball.  They really moved the ball well on offense, forcing the Celtics to go from one corner to the opposite corner because of ball rotation on multiple occasions.

This loss is very humbling.  Just when you think the team may be turning the corner with their play at home they perform this way.

The Hawks won tonight too which ties them in the standings for the 3rd spot.  It'll be a real shame if Boston can't secure that 3rd spot.  Then again a team that loses on their home floor to the worst NBA team of all time, probably doesn't deserve to get that seed.