Luis Scola is greater than Lebron James

Luis Scola threw in 44 points last night on 20 made field goals. Lebron's career high is only 19. You might be surprised by that considering all the games Lebron has scored in the 40's and 50's. Can you say free throw disparity? Remember if you breath on the King, the whistle is blown. Scola on the other hand I believe only received a whistle when Nets announcer Jim Spanarkel would clobber him with a 2 by 4. 

Now obviously Lebron is leagues better than Scola, but its always nice to point out that the King gets a nice assist from the NBA (and its refs). Hopefully the calls are only mildly ridiculous today during the Celtics/Cavs showdown.

p.s. Note to Danny: Don't be so scared to draft/sign some international guys. There are a lot better options available then during the Stojko Vrankovic era.
(Scola highlights from last night's game after the jump)